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basic info

Name Rebecca ‘Becca’ Green
Age 24
Birthday October 27th
Zodiac Scorpio
Introduced season 1 but became a main character in season 4

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Becca is Rachel’s cousin. She lived in New York as a child with her family and her and Rachel were really close probably because their closeness in age and interests. Becca and her family had to move away because of her dads job to Phoenix, Arizona. She is introduced in Season 1 when visiting and makes another appearance at the end of season 3 to announce that she is moving to New York for work as a therapist and became a main character in Season 4.
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In the same building as Monica’s and Joey's, spends most of her time in Monica’s with everyone else
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rachel green; the sister

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Rachel and Becca are more like sisters. They kept in touch their whole life even if they were separated by distance. Rachel could not have been more happy when she decided to move to New York. They are very similar and are very very close.

monica geller; the best friend

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Monica and Becca have the closest friendship out of the group. They spend a lot of time together and can talk to each other for hours without getting bored. This sometimes annoys everyone else but they all know it’s good for them to bond.

phoebe buffay; the personality

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Becca loves Phoebe to death. They laugh with each other non stop. Becca has even sang with her before on her questionable songs. Becca lives phoebes personality and her deeps thoughts and conversations.

chandler bing; the brother

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Chandler and Becca have almost a brother/sister relationship. Becca loves his sarcastic jokes and Chandler loves that about her. Of course Becca and Chandler sometimes have to fight for Monica’s attentions but also don’t mind sharing it.

joey tribbiani; the boyfriend

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Becca always has a secret crush on Joey. Until around season 6, Joey and Becca were just best friends. But Becca couldn’t get over her feelings for him. His humor, his crazy antics, but also his heart for her. And seeing him with all the other girls hurt her. She finally told him about her feelings and he confessed he felt the same way and he didn’t think she felt that way so he tried to ignore his feelings by being with other girls. The rest is history.

ross geller; the prankster

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Ross and Becca have a chaotic relationship. Meaning that Becca convinces him to help her pull pranks on the other people, especially Joey and Monica. They’re also like brother and sister and Becca let’s Ross rant about his work and dinosaurs and he loves it.
after season 10
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After Joey and Becca got married during season 10, Becca got pregnant with twin girls. So now they have a house in New York and live happily with their two baby girls and Becca's new cat, Baxter.