hey guys, im kind of obsessed w movies and its only gotten worse with all of this spare time now, so I wanted to share some AMAZING movies that i adore! (in no particular order)
-Ive included the age rating, genre, my personal rating, and some cool shots for each movie!
-Also, note that most of these movies are rated R! so do your research if your young cause some of the movies on this list are,, a lot to handle.
-Hope you enjoy! :)

1. Akira (R)
Genre: anime sci-fi/cyberpunk
Rating: 10/10

1980, 80s, and akira image akira and gif image akira and anime image 90, 90s, and akira image

2. Midsommar (R)
Genre: folk horror
Rating: 8/10

midsommar, film, and florence pugh image Halloween, movies, and scary image film, film details, and midsommar image aesthetic, film, and movie image

3. Parasite (R)
Genre: comedy/thriller
Rating: 10/10

beauty, cinema, and film image film, movie, and parasite image parasite and bong joon-ho image parasite image

4. Mr Fantastic Fox (PG)
Genre: comedy/adventure
Rating: 10/10

fantastic mr fox, fox, and wes anderson image fantastic mr fox image Image removed fox, fantastic mr fox, and cute image

5. Kill Your Darlings (R)
Genre: biographical drama
Rating: 7/10

Image removed Image removed kill your darlings, daniel radcliffe, and dane dehaan image boys, daniel radcliffe, and grunge image

6. The Handmaiden (R)
Genre: psychological thriller/romance
Rating: 10/10

film, asian, and korean image books, kmovie, and the handmaiden image the handmaiden image cinema, film, and japan image

7. The Last Black Man in San Francisco (R)
Genre: drama
Rating: 9/10

Image by amelia Image by amelia Image by amelia Image by amelia

8. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (R)
Genre: french historical drama/romance
Rating: 10/10

film and movie image film, ocean, and portrait image Temporarily removed adele haenel, noemie merlant, and girl image

9. Princess Mononoke (PG-13)
Genre: anime fantasy/war
Rating: 9/10

anime, princess mononoke, and icons image animation, movie, and nature image anime, Hayao Miyazaki, and japan image movies, studio ghibli, and anime image

10. But Im a Cheerleader (R)
Genre: satirical comedy/romance
Rating: 8/10

90's, cheerleader, and film image house and but i'm a cheerleader image aesthetic, but im a cheerleader, and film still image but im a cheerleader, gay, and lesbian image

11. Moonlight (R)
Genre: coming-of-age drama
Rating: 10/10

blue, movie, and quotes image Temporarily removed actress, film, and film stills image moonlight image

12. Pacific Rim (PG-13)
Genre: sci-fi
Rating: 7/10

charlie day, newton geiszler, and pacific rim 2 image Image by amelia Image by amelia Image by amelia

13. Booksmart (R)
Genre: comedy/coming-of-age
Rating: 8/10

beauty, debut, and film image hope, movie, and Olivia Wilde image Image by amelia Image by amelia

14. Hereditary (R)
Genre: supernatural horror
Rating: 10/10

film, horror, and movie image Image by amelia Image by amelia Image by amelia

15. The Iron Giant (PG)
Genre: animated sci-fi
Rating: 8/10

le geant de fer image alien, cartoon, and dark image the iron giant, Vin Diesel, and souls don't die image the iron giant image

16. Kill Bill (R)
Genre: action
Rating: 10/10

movie, kill bill, and quentin tarantino image kill bill, blood, and aesthetic image kill bill, movie, and tarantino image kill bill and elle driver image

17. Her (R)
Genre: romance/sci-fi
Rating: 9/10

her, movie, and joaquin phoenix image Image by amelia couple, night, and grunge image Image by amelia

18. I Origins (R)
Genre: sci-fi/romance
Rating: 7/10

movie, quotes, and i origins image michael pitt, Sofi, and aesthetic image grunge, tumblr, and dress image eyes, quotes, and i origins image

19. Spirited Away (PG)
Genre: anime fantasy
Rating: 10/10

spirited away, anime, and chihiro image 80s, 90s, and dark aesthetic image chihiro, spirited away, and studio ghibli image anime, spirited away, and chihiro image

20. The Lobster (R)
Genre: sci-fi/romance/black comedy
Rating: 8/10

rachel weisz, colin farrell, and love image Lea Seydoux, movie, and the lobster image colin farrell, film, and movie image Image by amelia

Honorable Mentions: Carol, The Witch, Little Women, A Ghost Story, Mary and the Witches Flower, It, The Dark Knight, Dog Day Afternoon, Shawshank Redemption, Lady Bird, Spiderverse, and Coraline (didn't want it to be too long)

Thank you for reading! :)
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