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This is another article in understanding the magickal world, and today I'll show you some types of witches! Of course this are not all of types, there are so many! And of course, you can identify with more than one.

This list is far from complete, and I'm sorry if you are not represented or misrepresented here, so please feel free to talk to me and I'll fix anything!

Well, to begin: what is a witch?

A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. There are no other requirements to be a witch besides the act of practicing witchcraft, because of this anyone can be a witch regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, or any other factor. Witchcraft is defined as the practice of magick primarily but not limited to the practice of thaumaturgy.

Now for the list!

Baby Witch

narnia, Lucy, and lucy pevensie image cat, animal, and black image
Witches who are new to the practice or feel like they are not quite witches yet

Elemental Witch

fire, water, and magic image Temporarily removed
Witches that work with all of the western classic elements (fire, water, earth, air and sometimes spirit)

Fire Witch

aesthetic, alternative, and emo image Image removed
Witches that work with the element of fire and its energies. Some of its practices may be candle magick, rituals with fire (like bonfires) among many things related with the element.

Water Witch

Image removed girl, water, and white image
Witches that work with the element of water and its energies, adding it to its rituals and working with different types of water.

Earth Witch

nature, beautiful, and fairytale image girl, nature, and fantasy image
Witches that work with the element of earth and its energies that it possesses, adding to their rituals things as crystals, herbs, rocks and other earth related things.

Air Witch

feather, hand, and photography image magic, girl, and fantasy image
Witches that work with the element of air its energies. They may work with incense and rhythmic breathing, among other air related things.

Crystal Witch

crystal, witch, and pink image crystal, aesthetic, and pink image
Witches that use crystals in their practices.

Herbal Witch

Image removed herbs, witch, and magic image
Witches that use herbs in their practices. They usually grow herbs and use them in many different ways in order to produce magickal effects such as burning them, turning them into tea or sprinkling them around places.

Cosmic Witch

power image zodiac, signs, and astrology image
Witches who use cosmic or astrological bodies in their crafts and practice such things as astrology and cosmic witchcraft. They also work with the energies of the stars, moon, sun, and planets among many other cosmic bodies.

Weather Witch

elements, girl, and magic image nature, volcano, and storm image
Witches that work with weather and its energies in order to change it, receive energy or achieve some other outcome.

Death Witch

black, dark, and skull image black and white, dark, and creepy image
Witches who practice death magick and work with the energies of death.

Blood Witch

Temporarily removed red image
Witches who practice blood magick.

Divination Witch

witch, magic, and witchcraft image witch, witchcraft, and magic image
Witches who practice divination practices such as tarot, pendulum, ouija, runes or any other form of divination.

Animal Witch

cat, black, and animal image snake, black, and animal image
Witches that work with animals and its energies. These witches will also work with spiritual and physical forms of that animal, and would be able to use magick based around that animal.

Fae Witch

nature and purple image hands, light, and photography image
Witches who work with fairies and its magick.

Dream Witch

aesthetic, art, and Dream image Temporarily removed
Are witches who work on and in their dreams, and may practice lucid dreaming or cast magick in their dreams.

Hidden Witch

girl, fire, and match image southern gothic, swamp, and witch image
Witches who are not open about their practice.

Kitchen Witch

aesthetic, autumn, and cook image kitchen, magick, and space image
Witches who work magick through cooking and the magickal properties that they can get from different foods.

Purple Witch

aesthetic, beauty, and dark image aesthetic, animated, and candles image
Witches who practice energy work, psychic abilities and psionics.

Blue Witch

blue, cloud, and purple image Temporarily removed
Witches who practice healing forms of magick such as Reiki, yoga, acupuncture, energy healing and quantum touch.

Green Witch

book, nature, and girl image plants, nature, and green image
Witches who use nature base things in their practice such as herbs, trees, stones, animals and natural elements.

Red Witch

Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, lana, and Queen image
Witches who practice love magick and sex magick.

Well, I guess that's it.
As I already said, there are a lot more than this, but I think that's enough for this article.
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