Hi there!
it's been a while!
I am happy to share some interesting things with you!
This article is for all my creatives!

Last year I was exploring so many different types of art and want to give you a small insight into this adventure!

Watercolour workshop

It was two hour journey. Our master brought all the tools and even made us an initial sketch. We drew a bunch of tender tulips and we were learning wet on wet technique.
I loved it. People who participated had different background knowledge about watercolour. I consider myself watercolour pro just because I did so much of it and still do.
The biggest lesson for me from this lesson besides wet on wet skills was that you have to enjoy people around you, you have to like the teacher to fave good time, you shouldn't compare your progress with others under any circumstances. I believe my had was so overwhelmed with joy I forgot I know how to do watercolour for the half of the workshop!

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Please, don't set any expectations on your final work, it most likely to be far from perfect and it's ok, it's just a set in a long path of an artist.
You should always remember that many artist became professional only by putting really hard work and hours and hours of practice into it. Don't be mad at teacher of a workshop if you didn't make a masterpiece, you just came one tiny step closer to it!

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Drawing on a cup

The other thing I tried and succeeded was drawing on porcelain cup with a specific paint! It was much harder than to draw on paper but if you draw, erase and do few more attempts you can succeed!
Colours don't blend very well and the hardest part is that the paint dries so fast you don't have too much time on your hands.

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The scariest part was to bake it! Why? Because it's the way this paint fixed on a cup! It was so scary and you don't want to ruin your thousands attempt! But when you do everything right you get the cutest and the most unique cup of all! You can even use it for food!

Drawing on silk workshop

The last ultimate favourite thing was to draw on a 100% natural silk! I was always dreaming about making textile art but I never had a chance. So when the opportunity arrived I was so fast to secure myself a place in workshop. It end up being amazing! I was feeling a bit on the sad side of life at that moment but I managed to have fantastic time.

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There was suppose to be 5 people but 2 of them didn't make it and the whole 5 (!) hours of exploration of textile art was meditative and completely unforgettable. It took place in a UNESCO heritage sight and the teacher have the same music taste as my so it was so fine!
I came out from this workshop with a big spectacular silk scarf in my favourite colour.

What made the experience so great? I prepared my own design prior to the workshop as it was up to us what exactly we will draw. I chose my favourite colours. I was fast because I was very familiar with design. Our teacher shared some problems encountered at her workshops. When people lack self discipline since it's not a strict environment they tend to not finishing on time or on contrary rushed, not listened closely and made vital mistakes on the first stare which can make the final design look messy.

The atmosphere in the workshop was so welcoming and friendly that I even filmed a video about it:

Hope you enjoy it!
Maybe it's just me who is always going for the hardest challenges but it feels so good to go through them and come out stronger and more skilled!
I hope you will get a bit inspired by my story and will try to attend some workshops when they will work again!
What workshops you dream to attend?

Thank You for your time!

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