i really liked this article, so i decided to do this as well :)

what is your favourite star wars movie?

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episode iii, revenge of the sith

what is the coolest planet?

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even though i love naboo as well, coruscant is my favourite

who is your favourite character?

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obi-wan and anakin. and i also love ahsoka, rex, fives and plo koon in star wars: the clone wars

what is your favourite musical theme?

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duel of the fates and the force theme

what is the coolest battle?

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the battle on geonosis

what is your favourite line of dialouge?

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and all the other ones from episode iii that became memes

what is your favourite scene?

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the end of episode iv, when the death star is destroyed and everyone is happy

who is your favourite villain?

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general grievous

would you be a jedi or a sith?

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lightsaber of blaster?

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which outfit do you wish you had in your closet?

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basically any of padme's outfits, but a jedi cloak and tunic would also be cool

which character do you want to marry?

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anakin skywalker
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or obi-wan kenobi
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or han solo

which character would you want as a sidekick?

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what do you think of the prequel trilogy?

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i love it, it's my favourite trilogy

what do you think of the original trilogy?

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i really like it and the friendship between luke, leia and han is so beautiful

what do you think of the sequel trilogy?

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to be honest, i have only watched episode vii so far, so i can't really tell. but i'm definetly going to watch the rest as well

thank you for reading and have a nice day :)