i am bored.

stella *✧・゚
70s, 80s, and 90s image aesthetic, yellow, and flowers image aesthetic, sun, and earrings image vintage, aesthetic, and champagne image alternative, beige, and brown image aesthetic, animation, and cartoons image
bloom *✧・゚
aesthetic, flowers, and glitter image girl, water, and aesthetic image lips, red, and aesthetic image Image by 🦋 Temporarily removed cartoon, bloom, and redhead image
flora *✧・゚
pink image aesthetic, purple, and soft image Image removed aesthetic, purple, and cyber image birthday, bouquet, and flowers image aesthetic, animation, and cartoon image
musa *✧・゚
blue, glossy, and aesthetic image makeup, aesthetic, and beauty image sea, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed shoes and guo pei image couple, icon, and matching image
layla *✧・゚*✧・゚
green, fashion, and shoes image aesthetic, nature, and cottagecore image aesthetic, blonde, and dreamy image green, car, and aesthetic image Image removed fairy, Layla, and meme image
tecna *✧・゚
pink, girl, and aesthetic image cherry, aesthetic, and cake image pink, cherry, and aesthetic image pink, fairy, and aesthetic image Image removed Temporarily removed
i am still at workkkk guys and bored, as you can tell haha.
i wish you all a nice week; its hard for me to stay motivated these days, but we can do it!! <3

xoxo, see ya.