Hi everyone!
A month later, I’m finally back with the second article of the feminist talk serie!

If you don’t know what ‘feminist talk’ is, you can read the introduction here
If you haven’t read the feminist talk #1, check the article here

Sometimes people think that there are things that we shouldn’t do if we define ourselves as feminists, and sometimes we start believing those people who reduce an entire movement and philosophy to a few stereotypes.
But feminism isn’t supposed to be a stereotype: it’s supposed the break it. And that’s why you should remember that:

  • Cutting your body hair doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • Wearing makeup doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • Starting a diet or a workout doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • Wearing cute clothes, skirts and dresses doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • Enjoying ‘girly’ things (I mean what society thinks it’s girly) doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • Taking care of your body and your appearance doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • Long hair doesn’t make you less feminist
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  • The desire of some babies or a family doesn’t make you less feminist
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But you know what does?
Judging other girls for the way they look, for the clothes they wear, for the decisions they make about their life, their body, their relationships, thinking that some people are less feminist then others for their appearance, believing that a woman isn’t enough, make you an anti-feminist.
You are a feminist because of the way you think and the way you act, not because of the way you look, and no one should judge you for it, because being a feminist means that you should do what you want with your body, because you’re the only one who has power on your own body. Don’t forget that.