Isn't it lovely, today?

Hey everyone!

It's been a little big while since I last wrote and posted an article. At first, I was just discouraged by the state of the site and, on top of that, seeing how great articles weren't getting the attention they deserved, I thought my humble writing wouldn't interest anyone.
However, as you have probably already guessed, I couldn't resist going back to sharing my thoughts with y'all!

One of the most wonderful discoveries in history is photography; the use of a camera to capture a fleeting moment, now still, unfazed by the pass of time.

It's funny how sometimes I'm on the car, driving by a lonely field... The sun is setting and the green grass looks a little less green and a little more orange. And it looks just perfect for a photograph. Ordinary masterpieces like these deserve to see the light and not kept forgotten in the depths of the phone gallery.

Today I'd like to show you some amazing, talented creators who share their photography skills here in WeHeartIt. I personally think you have to be very brave to put your own creations (your babies) out there, left to be judged. So, I thought, why not bring these people and pictures together in an article?

Hope you enjoy looking through this kind of photo wall, I certainly did!

➵ you can check my pictures here
(keep in mind that in this collection I include everything that defines me, and only the pictures tagged "asoftmurmur" are mine)
➵ and another one of my articles about photography (yes, I'm a photography nerd)

farida (@fkeworld)

necklace, style, and chic image fireworks, night, and sky image beach, sea, and summer image clouds, landscape, and Las Vegas image

sabine (@the_night_skies)

sea and nature image art image art image airplane, clouds, and mine image

bérengère (@iheardcrickets)

bloom, flowers, and photography image adventure, corfu, and Greece image colors, inspiration, and lighthouse image flower, writer, and nature image

mila (@sunseit)

aesthetic, city, and dark image sky image argentina, photography, and sunset image beach, black and white, and brasil image

sajeda (@Sajeda_m)

cool, desk, and gold image aesthetics, blossoms, and blue sky image december, half, and indie image accessories, glasses, and hands image

anastasia (@Anastasia_mira)

adorable, amazing, and beach image amazing, awesome, and beautiful image birds, rose, and sea image blue, good, and june image

line (@lineve)

beach, beautiful, and pretty image beautiful, fashion, and girl image agra, dress, and fashion image beach and sea image

noor (@darlingitsgoingtobeokay)

belgium, blue, and clouds image aesthetic, flowers, and indie image aesthetic, april, and blue image april, florals, and flowers image

caylie (@zeilyac)

accessories, aesthetic, and beauty image aesthetic, sky, and travel image flowers and nature image quotes image

erica (@ericaswanderlust)

aesthetic, analog, and autumn image aesthetic, autumn, and fall image aesthetic, beach, and explore image city, cold, and fashion image

...and some more because people here have real talent

kelly (@basicallykelly)

city, italy, and venice image

gaby (@gchinchilla)

flower image

(Some people didn't have a collection exclusively for their pictures so I've added the collection that better defines their style)

thanks for reading!

I may do another article like this if I find more accounts that also share original photography, so if you know of any be sure to DM me.

Moreover, I'm thinking of sharing some of my poetry again 'cause I've surely missed it too and, although the stats are against me (I'm really happy people are doing experiments/surveys on the users' preferences on articles, but be sure to give credit!), I've realised if my blurred verses can make a few souls dream, it's worth it.

On another note (although at the same time, in relation to what I just said), I'd like to remind you that there are never too few opportunities or too few people listening to speak up and call out racism, sexism, denigration, segregation, etc.

I'm choosing to believe the future can still be beautiful. We have the power to make it beautiful. We just gotta have the courage, too.


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