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basic info

real name Erela (comes from the name of the greek god Eros, the god of love, lust and desire)

human name Hannah Edwards

date of creation November 3rd, 1698

real age 321

age appearance 25

place of creation heaven

place of residency paris, france

girl, aesthetic, and blonde image Image removed 90s, bra, and girls image abs, fitness, and sexy image
light blonde hair, green eyes, tan skin, and a fit body
style (angel)


hair, hairstyle, and blonde image Image removed Image removed hair, stars, and blonde image
sleek styles, ponytails, gems and things in her hair


lips, pink, and glitter image makeup, girl, and beauty image Image by Karla Mesta makeup, eye, and eyes image
very natural, gloss, occasionally graphic eyeliner


fashion, beach, and dress image and, love it, and top image fashion, skirt, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
all white, always dresses or skirts, more extra and revealing than most angels due to her duties


gold, wings, and feather image wings, angel, and white image
long, white and with gold tips


girl, mirror, and aesthetic image earrings, hair, and jewelry image beautiful, diamonds, and fashion image Image removed
gold and diamond and lots of them


nails image gold, nails, and nailart image
long, clear or nudes, and gold accents
style (human)


blonde, braided hair, and braids image hair, fashion, and hairstyle image blonde, fashion, and nature image girl, travel, and hair image
braids, buns, wavy, and long


makeup, beauty, and eye image fashion and makeup image girl, makeup, and beauty image 2020, yellow, and eyeliner image
less face makeup, lots of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and her signature red lips


fashion, outfit, and pink image outfit, style, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed
white, red, pinks, and blue jeans


rings, jewelry, and nails image beautiful, branch, and lightening image accessories, chic, and elegant image aesthetic, fashion, and girly image


nails image Image removed
lots of neutrals, pinks, and blacks
quotes, strong, and pink image quotes, love, and perfect image Image by Marcelão quotes, life, and words image
Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and piano image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ couple, dress, and party image
reading, piano, painting, and on Earth, parties
flowers, book, and bath image Temporarily removed lemon, fruit, and aesthetic image soft and soft aesthetic image
lavender, coconut, lemon, and vanilla
bath, relax, and crystals image
rose quartz- perhaps the most infamous love stone is rose quartz, which is known to be the stone of unconditional love. its calming energy is thought to help give one a sense of inner peace and love for one's self. rose quartz also encourages sensitivity and compassion, even helping us to build trust in others, all attributes that are harmonious with the act of falling in love.
kiss, lips, and lipstick image quotes, love, and book image
she can tell who people’s soul mate is and then lead them to each other and make them fall in love with each other. she is one of many matchmakers but, she is claimed to be the best as of today. she can convince people to go to an entire new country just to be with the love of her life. she also knows that people can have more than one but they each have a different “compatibility percent” and the one that is 100% if you true soulmate but if something else happens most people have another match at about 85-98%. she keeps this secret to herself and no other matchmakers know this yet, that’s why she is the best.

angels, human names listed


Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ chic, dress, and summer image
angel of light, can control weather


handsome, beautiful, and black image boys, crush, and Hottie image
angel of power, can give physical strength to people, healer angel


cat image aesthetic, dark, and theme image
angel of friendship, like a matchmaker angel but for friends



Temporarily removed journalist, losangeles, and newspapers image
23, journalist


Image removed photography image
24, photographer


boys, fashion, and icon image law school and study image
25, law student
love interest

even though she is a matchmaker angel, she cannot see her own soulmate

michael, angel of destruction

boy image love, couple, and kiss image Image by Fernanda Félix boy, aesthetic, and boyfriend image
(1863-present) her true soulmate. she had dated both guys and girls, both human and angles trying to find her soulmate before but she finally talked a fellow matchmaker into telling her her true soulmate.

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