Hey guys! Gossip Girl is such a late 2000s essential! I'm super excited to write this piece! Enjoy and happy reading :)

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melanin image hair and sunglasses image girl, model, and pink image black, chocolat, and girl image


fashion, outfit, and style image black women, girls, and plaid dress image bag, fashion, and inspo image alternative, clothes, and fashion image
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion image cindy kimberly image Temporarily removed
rooftop parties
fashion, style, and model image dress, fashion, and blue image Image by space cowgirl fashion, pink, and girly image
brunch with the waldorfs
Image by Deja Image by Maria fashion and style image Image by Jurnee.
shopping with Serena
dress, elegant, and glam image Temporarily removed brunette, dresses, and femme image Image removed


makeup, acrylic nails, and pretty image girl image melanin and black girl magic image Image by llilprincesa
snarky, funny, sarcastic, well read, bougie


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shopping, yoga, pilates, wine tasting, traveling


1950's, 50's, and black girl image baddies image girl, friends, and friendship image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image
Vanessa, Serena, and Nate


Image removed gif, neil, and perry image
Dan, Chuck, Carter

Favorite songs

girl, music, and roses image aesthetic, alternative, and Amy Winehouse image Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image Temporarily removed
Salvatore (Lana Del Rey), I Heard Love is Blind (Amy Winehouse), Golden (Harry Styles), Pretty Please (Dua Lipa)

Favorite Movies

mean girls, pink, and movie image Image removed 1955, Marilyn Monroe, and movie image love don't cost a thing, christina milian, and favorite movie image
Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, The Seven-Year Itch, Love Don't Cost a Thing

Instagram Feed

bag, fashion, and Louis Vuitton image Image by i_need_money_for_balmain venice, italy, and travel image beauty, chanel, and cosmetics image Image by Javeigh ๐Ÿฆ‹ house, home, and nature image


fashion, friends, and aesthetic image paris, france, and night image flowers, girl, and hair image fashion, friends, and dress image
in a long-term relationship with Blair Waldorf

The Rumours Gossip Girl Would Post About Me

Image by janieryder bikini, girly, and Miami image
I cheated on Blair with Georgina, I have a sugar daddy that pays for my vacations

There you have it! Hope you guys enjoyed! Stay safe and donate to BLM causes! Check out more of my articles below :)