hey. its been a few days since youve been without him. you were together for a year and a half and despite your constant bickering, you thought he was going to be the one.. but he left. and i want you to know now that it wasnt your fault, okay? you might have your shortcomings and difficulties regarding your mental health, but at the end of the day, someone who truly loves you will stick by your side no matter how awful youre feeling and will kiss those scars that you gave yourself. they wont put you down for your past mistakes and s*lf h*rm and theyll look at you like a piece of artwork, not some shattered sculpture they have to fix.

the right one IS coming.

i know it feels like itll take forever and ever, and i know it hurts. it feels like everything was fake. you looked past the major red flags because you wanted him to be the one. but god had different plans.

you need to learn to love yourself before you can love others.

one day, your scars will heal. your hair will grow and your skin will regenerate. i know it feels impossible and i know that youll be in bed crying tonight as you have every single day for the past 3 months of this turbulent relationship. im on a high right now and i feel good, but i know that itll change once the sun goes down and youre left alone in your room. but i want you to know, you DO have people who love you. there are people out there who cherish and ADORE you just for existing, and you shouldnt base your entire life off of one person, alright? wipe your tears because the best is yet to come. you have so so so much left to live for and ill be damned if im gonna let you throw it away over a boy who didnt deserve you. my heart aches for you. and im sure your heart aches for yourself too, but as a wise person once said: "This too shall pass." your life is NOT over. your life isnt even CLOSE to being over, and it wont be for a very very long time. hold on, babygirl. keep going. i know it feels like the days are blurring together and youre so tired of fighting this constant battle, but one day, the light at the end of this dark tunnel will come. the cloud hanging over your head will dissipate and youll feel free. trust me when i say that itll happen. recovery takes time and its hard. its so so hard, but its so worth it in the end knowing that you made it through.

take all the time you need to heal from this. lay in bed. cry until your head is pounding, and then sleep. sleep until you feel at peace. but stay, for me, and for your friends and family. we all want you here girly.

keep your head up.