Hey hearters!This one is for fans of barbie movies and specificaly about princess charm school that is one of my favourites!So take a look:

*Future Princess of :Genovia
*Zodiac sign:Libra


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camila mendes image
nails image
Queen, princess, and bitch image slytherin, cunning, and quotes image Temporarily removed apology, feel, and feelings image
fairy, wings, and beautiful image fairy and magic image cat, fairy, and fantasy image
*my fairy: she is a tiny blue fairy with clear blue wings,her name is Clair and she very royal!
delicious and food image
*the first welcoming cupcake i received from Clair was a chocolate cupcake: (p.s i love chocolate)
pink, aesthetic, and 90s image
*my locker: It's huge and well organized.Also, it is full of picture of my fav celebrities.
bedroom, decor, and pink image
*my bedroom:

my roomates' bedrooms:

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Angelica is the future Princess of Spain
blue, bedroom, and room image blake lively, gossip girl, and dress image
Emily Ravena is the future Princess of Uperland
friends, bff, and friendship image coffee, college, and girls night image cinema, cinematography, and film image Temporarily removed
*my favourite things me and my roomates do together is : Princesses just wanna have fun!
gossip girl, blake lively, and serena image beauty, blair waldorf, and brunette image Image removed shoes, aesthetic, and heels image
*school unimorm:
fashion, girl, and jeans image Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image Clueless, alicia silverstone, and 90s image quotes, Clueless, and sad image glitter, heels, and shoes image Image by larksings bracelet, earrings, and necklace image shoes, blue, and fashion image
*my style:
bath, bathroom, and bubbles image julia roberts, pretty woman, and movie image dog, kiss, and cute image cat, animal, and cute image
*one of my favourite part of the day is : taking bath in these school's amazing bathrooms and play with these cuties
  • my favourite class:
aesthetic, aesthetics, and flower image cake, cake decoration, and chocolate cake image cupcake, food, and sweet image ballet, girl, and pink image dance, couple, and princess image Temporarily removed
learning the good ways of a royal dinner , dancing class and politics
long dress, prom dress, and tulle image Temporarily removed crown, Queen, and princess image Image removed
*my graduation/coronation outfit:
Chace Crawford, handsome, and sexy image
*my date from boys of prince academy: Ryan Nathanael Prince of Eastforest
80s image colton haynes, teen wolf, and boy image
and the dates of my roomates:
flowers, architecture, and rose image dress, pink, and rose gold image fashion, dress, and style image coctail, dress, and fashion image beauty, dress, and fashion image disco, party, and dance image couple, love, and wedding image
the ball of coronation:

the end...

Well, that was it !I hope you found it entertaining and please give it a heart!xoxo k