inspired by:
hair, hairstyle, and beauty image Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel eyes, eye, and brown image brown image
wavy dark hair, brown eyes, tan, athletic build
aesthetic, breakfast, and fashion image aesthetic, car, and hands image alternative, couple, and couples image couple, love, and dance image
evangelia (ฮ•ฯ…ฮฑฮณฮณฮตฮปฮฏฮฑ), goddess of loyalty
quote image friends, girl, and beach image couple and love image quotes, words, and life image
fiercely loyal, protective, outgoing, humorous
Image by tenderlygirl dress, fashion, and runway image aesthetic, girl, and soft image dress, pink, and aesthetic image
loose, airy fabric. often very colorful
animals, kitten, and puppies image flowers and nature image
dogs and violets
power granting
pathogenesis (manipulation of emotions)
aesthetic, ancient, and Greece image harp image vintage, stairs, and home image eye, eyes, and girl image
mother: hestia (goddess of the hearth & domesticity)
aesthetic image trees and forest image Image by tenderlygirl aesthetic, theme, and architecture image
aesthetic, gold jewelry, and jewelry image
blessing of evangelina - a sacred bond between friends, binding them in a promise that cannot be broken under any circumstances
hair, girl, and blonde image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, gold, and golden image eyes, aesthetic, and eye image
hebe (goddess of youth)
always, art, and body image girl and smile image delicate, model, and black image Abusive image
philotes (goddess of sex and friendship)
beautiful, smile, and beauty image zendaya, beauty, and actress image girl, eyes, and photography image love image
thalia (muse of comedy)
ming xi image black, fashion, and aesthetic image art image Temporarily removed
nemesis (goddess of revenge)
harry potter and slytherin image aesthetic, black, and black and white image Image by {V} water, boy, and pale image
dolos (god of betrayal and trickery), who does not honor the bond between friends.
Image removed art, dark, and girl image black, wallpaper, and dark image Temporarily removed
eris (goddess of strife), who stirs up hate between those who once loved each other
Image by t girls, kiss, and love image lesbians and lgbtq image aesthetic, art, and clothes image
electra, princess of greece
girl, summer, and water image girl, beauty, and photography image Temporarily removed girl, water, and summer image
galene, nereid of calm seas
couple, film, and hand image Temporarily removed Image by Jane Mature image
jason, hero
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