hi lovies! i made another 2 articles
like this where i ranked skz & rvs
title tracks which was a while ago
and these past few months i have been
ulting the boyz so i thought to rank their
title tracks, but please remember, this is
MY opinion based on my taste in music.
enjoy :D


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don't take this wrong; i love reveal. the vocals especially, its a really pretty song. it also got alot of people into the boyz. its just my least favourite out of all 8. the visuals were gorgeous though.


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right here is such an underrated bop. the song and choreo slaps so hard! the vocals were STUNNING but wbk, the boyz best vocalists. the only thing i'm not really a fan of were the outfits. i get the meaning behind them, like the shirts with their positive traits on them, but i think they could've incorporated them into the outfit better than just a shirt with black writing.


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bloom bloom must be my favourite era from tbz. the styling is so pretty, like the makeup and stage outfits and the song was so so cute. i'm a big fan of concepts like these ones as theyre really fun and light. it suits them really well! i also loved hyunjoon & changmin this comeback, they really owned it.


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this was the first mv i ever watched and i fell in love with it. i really loved the song itself and think the concept was really unique, i've never seen one like it. the choreo was so good and catchy but my favourite was sunwoos rap. i was wondering if there was gonna be a rap or not and it really surprised me when it came. this song is one of my favourites.

4. D.D.D

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this was my first comeback with the boyz and i can say, its got my favourite choreo. i learnt it myself and although it was really hard, its really fun and suits the song so well. this was the last comeback with hyunjoon and he looked so pretty in the mv ): i still keep up to date with him although hes gone a little ia recently, as hes deleted all his instagram posts. anyway, the mv was super cool even though the rabbit thing scared me. the only downfall for me was the lack of changmin screentime but the dance break made up for it.


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although alot of people don't like this song as much, its one of their best in my opinion. the musicality is PERFECT, there is nothing wrong with this song. its a really chill bop and the mv matches it aswell. jaehyun made this era his bitch but, i loved hyunjoon just as much. his outfit & hair suited the concept really well and he reminds me of hanako kun from the anime 'toilet bound hanako kun'. i also love the slow part before the rap where the mv slows down in some parts, it was so good.

2. BOY

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boy has to be my favourite debut ever. for a rookie group, they exucuted the choreo so well and the song is amazing. i was really stuck between number 1 & 2 but i put it here anyway. i loved kevins vocals here too, the boyz have one of the best vocal lines and this song does alot to show that.


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i don't know what it is about this song that i love so much, honestly. its a pretty new release and it really wasn't promoted that well considering it was just a single. it was released only 2 months after d.d.d and i think 3 or 4 months before reveal so people weren't ready for a comeback so soon. this song is so underrated. i love the chorus, again, the vocals SLAPPED so hard but,,, the best part of this song was sunwoos rap. nothing will ever beat that rap, EVER. it was just so good. the mv isn't the best out of all of them but its so different? i'm not really a fan of sets like that, the kind of car park place, but the way the lighting moves and the colours together, it makes it so so good.

i'm not sure if road to kingdom is finished yet or if they were eliminated, but i watched the most recent perfomances and they seemed to perform so, please vote and support them on rtk! i've been voting and really want my boys to win, they really deserve it.

aswell as that, if there are any stays reading, please get reading to stream GO LIVE and if you can, preorder the album, aswell as vote for them on multiple shows when the comeback stages come out!

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