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As a lot of people asked me to explain how SAT's exams work in Spain, here it is! Also, during these days you still have time to matriculate yourself into these exams if you want to study College in Spain!!!
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Why Spain: great cities, nice people, good food, cheaper colleges, each degree is different, you have so many choices, far away from your family and all alone (new experiences, more mature, learn cultures...), new languages, a change in your lifestyle, etc.

In Spain with all this pandemic situation, my SAT tests have been postponed soooo you still have time!

These exams aren't the same as the SAT exams, ours, in Catalonia, are carried out in 4 days in which each day you carry out three exams (the compulsory exams are the first three days, Catalan, Spanish, Math/Latin, History and finally English), then the next days there are other exams which depending on the degree you want to go to, they count 0,2 or 0,1. For example, in the compulsory exams you have an average of a 5 out of 10 (0,40*5=2), then in high school you have a 6 (0,60*6=3.6) so this would be your mark out of 10== 5.6.

BUUUUUUUT, the marks to get into college are from 0 to 14. So if you want to study Economy, the subjects that will count to add up to your mark would be Math again and Economy. So both count 0.2 and imagine you got a 5 in each one. And the points you would add to your mark would be: (5*0,2+5*0,2= 2)

So your final access mark would be 2+5.6+ 0.7 (bc of a project that you must carry out in high school (0,1*7))=== 8,3 out of 14!!
This seems a bad mark buuut to get into Economy the access mark is a 7,8 so you would be in!!

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I don't really know if i explained myself as its very hard, but i hope you all got it. If not, don't be shy and ask me!! Also, there isn't an exact page in which you can search for degrees, each province has one, in Catalonia, it is called accesuniversitat and also don't worry about the subjects, there's a different exam for foreign students!! Check it out!

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