original by @spreadingrumors

let's start!

what's your villagers name?

可愛い, どうぶつの森, and 日常 image animal crossing, fanart, and gaming image
alina - my real name

what's your islands name?

Image by Kmila adventure time and finn image

what's your native fruit?

animal crossing, art, and kawaii image Temporarily removed

what's your favorite fruit?

animal crossing, peaches, and pink image animal crossing, peaches, and gif image
peaches hehe

who's your favorite villager?

Temporarily removed alternative, animal crossing, and heart image
cube, he's super underrated

who's your least favorite villager?

bear, animal, and cub image grass, green, and nature image

who were your starting villagers?

Image by FabSouthernDiva animal, lion, and king image
pashmina and mott

what's your favorite online feature?

aesthetic, animal crossing, and acnh image aesthetic, animal crossing, and acnh image
being able to visit my best friends island

what would be your catchphrase?

meme image reaction images image

what would be your personality?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

what's your favorite hobby?

animal crossing, archive, and icons image animal crossing, apollo, and haha image
talking & giving gifts to my villagers

have you finished any part of your museum

aesthetic, animal crossing, and ac image aesthetic, animal crossing, and ac image
not yet, but there are only 4 fossils left!
that's it! i hope you enjoyed it :) xoxo,