Here's the interview with @stylesisminex

1. Hello and welcome, please introduce
yourself in 3 words.

Hello everyone, I like to think I am nice, helpful and creative most of the time.

*2. How are you feeling? Please, tell us more than just ยซ fine ยป *

I guess okay, most of the time I feel anxious about the smallest things and stressed but I try to stay positive and to spread that kind of positivity no matter how small.

3. Whatโ€™s the activity you enjoy the most?

I'm not really a sports person, I enjoy hiking, swimming, I love writing and drawing, love to give advice to others, love to hear what others have to say about everything.

4. Suggest us a book/app/movie/TV show/activity we could enjoy during this self isolation.

You can always rewatch your favourite movies, some old ones or even those movies that you once said you would never watch. In April I started Sense8 which is a Netflix show and it's definitely a must watch, it will change your life, please go watch it, you can also watch TikTok videos, I just started a few weeks ago and it's a very creative app, you'll never be bored again. Also try to start writing or drawing to relax.

5. Are you obsessed with We Heart It or are you only active at specific time?

I try to be as active as possible and upload pictures or articles once in a few days. I think WHI deserves everyone's attention, because it's the best app out there but I love it but yeah I'm kinda obsessed because it's amazing.

6. 3 things that We Heart It should improve in?

I think they should add comments on our articles or even pictures since we can communicate with others, try to improve our writing or just to create a little community. They should make it possible to write articles on our phones since not many have the chance to write on a computer. Also maybe we could have some of those premium features, it would be fun.

7. Any tips on how to increase engagement on We Heart It?

Don't try too much, be patient, heart that kind of content that you think it's best for everyone, be as active as you can, create collections and make friends here. :)

8. 3 accounts on We Heart It that inspire you the most?


they have some of the greatest content ever!

9. Your favourite collection of yours?

my articles since I love to help people :)

10. Your favourite collection of mine?

Check out โ™ก๏ธŽ๐š•๐šŽ๐š—๐šœโ™ก๏ธŽ on We Heart It!

That's it for this interview. Thank you @stylesisminex for cooperating.

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