Hey babes,

I have been writing, researching and signing all kinds of petitions lately, so today I decided that I'd update and add all the new things I've learned!

here's part one for those of you who didn't see it

First starting off with really helpful and amazing tutorial videos!
I also found that YouTube has some really good videos, but I prefer the shortened ones on TikTok.

I literally just searched "how to make a good instagram story"

(there are sooo many more, but they automatically will queue after playing this one)
Then there are some really aesthetic, positive Instagram accounts! 📸

@nomindsleftbehind (mental health positivity)
@_hi_anxiety_ (mental health positivity)
@shiny_lush (mini tutorials)
@_artsypatch_ (examples)

And lastly the most amazing app I've used to edit some of my pictures!

O V E R - it allows you to overlay pictures and videos!
I wish I could include more but we can't post videos on here 😔

edit, instagram, and instagram story image

- I screen recorded the process while making this one and few others, I'm thinking of putting them all together and making my own video on it, it's a little different than the content I post on YouTube but it was really fun to do!
And that just about sums it up actually!
Thank you for reading and sharing!

*If you or someone you know creates cool aesthetic posts please DM me!

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