Dear you,
I'm Elisa, I'm 17 and I have a best friend, who is a boy.
I can't stand people who feel the need to label people and relationships.
I used to have a female best friend, but then I realised that we weren't that close, we hardly saw each other!
Anyway, before realising this, I kept calling her "my best friend" even if I knew very well she wasn't. Why?

The reason why I kept saying she was, is the fact that, specially girls, feel the need to have a friend, who is closer than the other ones.
I used to think that having a best friend (more in particular, a female best friend) was what I needed. But it wasn't!
I was scared to say out loud that I didn't have a best friend. It would have made me feel so alone!
What I understood later is that we don't need to label relationships, we can have a hundred friends and no best friends, or we can have three best friends and zero "simple" friends.
What I'm trying to say is that the amount of friends we have and the kind of closure we have with them, doesn't affect or determine who we are. Everyone should keep this in mind, because I once forgot it and found myself even lonelier than what I thought I'd feel by saying I didn't have a best friend!
It's okay not to have a hundred friends.
It's okay not to have a best friend.
It's okay to have a male best friend.
It's okay to feel lonely sometimes.
It's not okay to pretend you're friends with someone you're not.
It's not okay to stress over a friendship that doesn't work anymore.
It's not okay to hunt a best friend just to fill that void, because true friendships come to you and when they do, they have the potential to become unique and incredible.
Just wait for it!

That's all my friends, I hope I helped you.
Remember that trying to insist on a relationship is okay at first, but at a certain point, it's time to let go (if I learnt to do it, you can do it too!).


This article was written by @elissvilla as a guest writer for the Tenth Muse Writers Team