I was thinking of what article to write next, originally I was going to write one on who I would be in descendants, but I think I cant really figure out who I would be quite yet. After some quick brainstorming, I decided to write who I would be if I was an angel. Also, the name I used is actually a goddess that originated in Greek mythology. I hope you enjoy :P


Name: Eleos "Ellie"

Title: Angel of mercy, empathy, compassion, and clemency


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blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks


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wears mainly white as a symbol for purity, lace, embroidery, dresses


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Compassionate, loving, nurturing, kind


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When she aids a human in need they often find white rose petals after prayer or are gifted pearls from strangers.


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white wings, large strong feathers


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Gold, dragon accents; Worn when in battle with demons.

Best Friends:

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Reina; Angel of beauty, persuasion, righteousness, and dignity; protector of the endangered.
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Jaqueline; Angel of grace, wisdom, and divinity; protector of the heavens.
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Amelia; Angel of rebellion, peace, justice, and truth; protector of the oppressed.

Together with the other angels, they fight for the protection of humans on earth from the evil and suffering of the devil...

Thanks for reading! <3
I hope you enjoyed:)

new articles coming very soon, stay tuned :P