love is what we need
love is all we wanted

we give love without hesitation
innocently holding our hearts on display
not knowing how precious it is
how hard it is to heal

always trying to pleased everyone
although it is impossible

we received love with gratitude
hand on our chest to keep it secure
so that we can give back to others
because it is what we have been taught

time flies, things have changed
we know what hurt feels like

it's more than scraps on our knees
or the feeling when we don't get the toys we wanted
its wound deep within
understanding that we don't get everything we wanted

the pain I felt is nothing compared to others
after all, I have everything I need

every day we try to fix what's broken
trying to fill what's missing
or maybe we are just escaping
hoping everything will go back as it was before

who is it to blame?
because I can choose what to believe

feeling exhausted without doing anything
too much thinking
so much to do
yet so little effort

maybe I'm not trying my best
so ill keep on trying.