The first heartbreak is very sad and painful, i´m 20 and my first heartbreak was this year, 3 months ago.

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I was sad, i just wanted to cry, and all the time i was thinking at him if not when i was sleeping he appeared in my dreams, it was a real nightmare, because all than i wanted was forget him, and feel nothing for him.

In my case, when it end, i wished not to know nothing about men, i didn´t hate men, but i won´t wanted a relatioship or similar, just friends, i was thinking be part of a convent just kidding, but it was similar, i was angry with this traga maluca.

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Here i let you a series of things that i considerate what all we should to do all the time, with or without a heartbreak:


Enjoy your soliture.

Yeah, you have to learn to be alone and be happy at the same time, enjoy yourself time and space.

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Do something that you ever wanted to do but for whatever reason you didn´t did.

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If you never had been cooked then COOK!
Social media is full of recipes, you don´t have excusse.

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If you ever wanted to painted, paint!

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Maybe you discover how good you are writting, or how bad you are, but if you don´t try, how you going to know what is your passion, vocation or in what you are really gret!

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Why i going to read?

Because if you read, you can learn new things, increased your knowlodge, the peopleo who know many things are very interested, and not only that, All we are ignorants in different thing, reading you can get a little less ignorance, if you can to take a extra course, take it, it will look pretty well in your resume and will have a lot of conversations topics.

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Watch movies, but no romantic movies, if you are sad, or alone you gonna see it, and maybe you can want it, then you going to be an imcoplete woman, say yes to mental health!

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Do skincare routins, i will upload one the next week.

Exercising is a wonderful idea to be happier, I say this from experience, a stimulating rally, and the best that gives you health, I am in favor of "love your body, accept yourself with your defects, love yourself" in fact this article It is based on that and health can not miss, you can get sick if you do not take care of your ideal weight (ideal weight is not an argument of a society that establishes beauty standards, it is the reality of physical health if your body does not have movement It can be risky), the truth for a long time I have been a lazy, junk food eater, I love junk food, but it is necessary to put limits and

I am a thin woman, but I discovered that the curves I had were fat, that's right, when I started exercising I became thinner than I was, not only had abdominal fat but also in the hips and calves, But with the right routine, I can get muscle in those areas, which is what it really should be. If you don't take care of yourself, who will?