I know I will look back to every step back with pride.
To every rock thrown at me and how I made a castle for myself.
I know every tear that has rolled down my cheek has nurtured the garden in which I will walk.
Every door that has closed, has taken me to different windows where I have enjoyed the view while I get to the door that I know I will open.
Every long walk under the sun will become the steps I take to get to the place I want be.
It has taken many painful days, many cloudy thoughts and countless sleepless nights.
But I will look back, I will look back to them, I will smile and I will thank them for building my character and making it strong and my spirit high.
I will look at them with pride because they made me who I am.
They gave me the strength I need to keep on trying every day I feel like giving up.
The empathy to listen to others and help them find a way from the darkness of pain.
The humbleness for never letting go of who I am and how I get to where I am.
The faith I get from God to fight through the storm and meet Him at the end.
The kindness to keep smiling to strangers walking by.
The love for every sunrise and sunset and every little detail they have to offer.
The hope for every tomorrow.
The bravery to keep on fighting every demon.
I know I will be looking back at the memories made and the lessons learned with love.

-Martha Tejeda

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