Hi! I haven't written an article in SO long... @fiorette tagged me in this and it is becoming my official comeback haha. Feel free to do this tag too, I would loove to read your answers♡

1) How many are your family members?
We are technically 5 haha. My mom, dad, my sisters and I. But my parents are divorced, so it's just a girl house haha. My dad lives with his partner (she has 2 kids, they are both married now haha) and their dog (WHICH I ADORE, LUNA I MISS YOU). What a family♡

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2) How many siblings do you have?
I have 2 sisters! One older and one younger.

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*3) Do you prefer sisters or brothers? Why?
All my life I have wanted a brother haha, it would have definitely been a different experience, and that made me want it more. But I love that my house is an all-girl house, I love this gender haha. But boys would have been so fun too!

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4) What is the best thing you like about your family?
We all love being at home haha, we do go out obviously, but we are all always looking forward to going back home and laying on the couch watching Netflix or just reading something. We have a really good time together.

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5) Do you make time for your family?
YES. I study abroad, so right now I'm not with them physically, but when I visit for summer break I usually prefer making plans with them than with my friends haha... not that I not hang out with them, but I just prefer cozy at-home plans or going for a coffee with my mom. We have a really good relationship♡

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6) What is something you want to make your family proud for?
I don't have anything specific, when I do something I think about making myself proud rather than someone else. But if I had to say something, probably graduating univeristy and getting my degree.

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7) Is there anything you want to change about them?
Nope. Seriously, nothing at all.

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8) Who's the closest member to you?
I think I'm close to all of them, but my little sister and I are like the closest ever. She is blind, so I don't get to text her like I normally do with my mom & sister while I'm abroad, we talk a bit when I FaceTime, but that's it. So when I get back home, we are literally inseparable.

9) Talk about what you like in your siblings or one of them
Sis G: My older sister. We are basically 2 years apart, so we have a lot of similar topics to talk about. Growing up we were not THAT close, we had to go study abroad (she studies in Spain and I in Argentina) to become closer. She is funny and loves giving hugs and cooking!
Sis L: We have always been inseparable, like I said before. She's the sweetest human being ever and the goffiest ever!! Loves giving hugs as well and she transmits happiness.

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10) Who do you look up to in your family?
My mom. Always. She has been through so much, but even after all of that she has raised three amazing girls. I'm so proud of her and I hope I get to be half as good as she has been as a mom.

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11) Do you want to have a big family in the future?
YES. I want like 4 or 5 kids haha hopefully my future husband wants that too, or he'll have to compromise lmao. I want sons and daughters, I want to be able to see them be siblings. Like I said before, I never had a brother, so I would adore seeing my daughter and son hang out with each other.

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12) Do you think it's better to be an only child or have siblings?
Siblings 100%. I think it's really important to at least have 1, someone you can share your family problems to, or just know they'll always be there for you. Siblings are even better than friends, it's easier to reconcile after a fight or discussion I think.

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13) What does the word family means to you?
Family means love. Means being there for each other no matte what. Family means random hugs during the day and "I love you's" before going to bed. Family means ordering pizza on the weekend because that's your favorite plan ever. Family means happiness forever.

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