Hi babes
It's finally summer! School is over and it's warm outside, and what's better than reading during summer. Here comes my may reads, sorry that it's late.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

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I enjoyed this book, it talked a lot about survivors guilt and death. It was a cute book, I really enjoy Morgan Matsons books. I'm currently reading the unexpected everything also by Matson.

Tell me three things

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This was so fun to read, I wanted to read it for so long. It was light and not to hard to read.

The queen of nothing

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The last of the folk of air trilogy, it was so good. This whole trilogy was amazing. I loved the queen of nothing it was so weel written.


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This book was cute and everything, but I felt like it lacked a storyline. The characters were all so realistic and well written but it didn't have a real story line.

A court of thorns and roses

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I'v been meaning to read the acotar series for years, and I finally did and I'm so happy I did. The first one was so good to read, it was all spring and love so cute, and I fell in love with Tamlin.

A court of mist and fury

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Like I just said I fell in love with Tamlin, well that changed really fast. This is my favorite one of the "trilogy" for the right reasons. ;)