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Day 11: Write a letter to your 8 year old self

It's so strange thinking so back to when I was 8 years old. I think I was in 3rd grade. I had just moved to a new school again and for the next two years I would end up moving again.

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This is what I would tell myself....

"Dear Yadi,

It's okay to hate feeling like the new girl again and having to leave your friends behind. This hasn't been the first time and unfortunately it won't be the last time. I think that what you have gone thru and continue to go thru makes you really brave.

It isn't easy to start all over again in a new school every single year, but you are stronger because of it. You are able to be empathetic towards new kids.

This is the year where you will start to feel more comfortable around people. This is the year where you start to slowly get out of your shell and learn to open up to new friends. These friends won't be forever, but you'll have fond memories of everyone.

You will even realize that one of your friends turns out to be a distant cousin that you didn't know you had until you go to a party with your parents and realize that that's here house and go back to school and tell all the other girls that you guys are distant family.

I wish you knew how fast time passes and before you know it you'll be in middle school meeting the people you will know for a life time or in High School laughing at your friends jokes or crying saying goodbye when everyone tosses their graduation caps on the air. Or being excited for moving away from home for the first time to go college or partying with friends and loving your messy, erratic, beautiful, messy life.

Thank you guys for reading that. I think this writing exercise has really helped me open up more on this platform. I think this is a great exercise for everyone to do.

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