⌈ How did I meet BTS?

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my friends showed me a video of the "Dope" mv and I was like aightttt. i went home and discovered "save me" and "not today". Save Me was my favorite.

⌈ When did I meet BTS?

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June 2017. Wings era.

⌈ What did I think of them for the first time?

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I thought they were really funny guys. I think I watched more of their videos/vlives than songs at first and when I really got into their music, I loved them even more. That's when I decided to stan.

⌈ First song (and MV)

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Dope?? Not Today? Save Me?? AAAAA i don't remember it was all in one day.

⌈ First comeback

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⌈ Bias

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⌈ Fave song

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It's really hard to choose but for now i'll say spring day.

⌈ Fave album

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Love Yourself: Tear

⌈ Fave era

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Love Yourself era

⌈ Fave choreo

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ON or Danger

⌈ Fav song of the rap line

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UGH! or Tear

⌈ Fav song of the vocal line

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The Truth Untold (ft. Steve Aoki)

⌈ Member I relate the most

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jungkook. he's the youngest, loves music, art, and gaming.

⌈ Fave Run BTS! episode

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the one where everyone LIED
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the one with Yoonji
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the one with the cursed laugh
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the one with the slapping
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the one with the jumping pictures

⌈ Fave Bon Voyage season

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season 2. they came to hawaii :'))

⌈ Fave BT21 character

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I love them all but Koya looks so cute

⌈ Fave memes

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⌈ What do I think about ARMY?

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They are very funny. like all the jokes i see on twitter, the memes omg. Out of pocket. Legendary. I like army and am proud to be one.

⌈ Why do I support BTS?

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They have good music. They never fail to make me smile a lot and make my day better.

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