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✿ cry and listen to sad playlist: cry out everything. just burst and let it all out. when I'm stressed out I get so overwhelmed I begin to cry. so I need to start off by letting it all out (the neighborhood hits different)
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✧ write down feelings: writing everything down helps clear my head and understand the situation that is making me feel so stressed out.
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♦ Have my mom brush my hair while I play with my dog: I personally think that there's no better feeling than someone brushing your hair and dogs make everyone happy.
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♡ watch Disney movies: I feel like Disney movies help because they bring me back to my childhood and remind me that everything is going to be okay.
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○ Meditate: mediating calms me down and helps me control my emotions.
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♥ Junk food: comfort food is my best friend when I feel stressed out.
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❀ Listen to ASMR and one direction: calming ASMR like raindrops or the ocean and one direction to make me feel happier because I love them but any music that makes me happy works.