a synthwave playlist to listen to while driving a car at night, or while watching a landscape at night.

if you've never heard of this style of music, you can search more on youtube. it's amazing and magical how you can travel listening to them.

Pictures of Purple Skies
- Memorex Memories.
gif, pixel, and night image
- Metatryptic.
girl, kawaii, and purple image
- Pong Man.
aesthetic, art, and cartoon image
- Eagle Eyed Tiger.
Image by m
Breeze Bay
- Hello Meteor.
gif, night, and stars image
- kokoro.
anime, boy, and gif image
- Hotel Pools, oDDling.
gif, night, and light image

listen on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ennFn6LhmOHRbMKMc5WPw?si=OUu2vwMkSu6kiVUdsF8rbQ

i hope you guys enjoy this mix!
see you.