Hi everybody! I hope you're doing well! I am doing amazing today. Since everyone enjoyed my article "How To Be Classy" so much I've created a little sequel for you guys- how to dress classy!

Keep in mind that being classy is more about your attitude than how you dress, but your style plays a big role in how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Without further ado, let's get started!

Step 1: What is classy style?

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Stylecraze says:

"It is not always through splurging, wearing couture, or being over the top. It's anything but that. Classy is about being subtle, minimal, and effortless."

Okay, so classy clothing is:

1. minimalistic
2. subtle
3. effortless

Step 2: What does classy style look like?

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First, it's minimalistic, so that means natural shades, like beige, white, black, and grey. You might want to try very light shades, almost pastel, of pink, blue, and green, paired with neutral bottoms (like a pale pink shirt with a white skirt). Patterns generally are looked down on because they're very distracting, and classy style is subtle.

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As cute as this dress is, it's more boho than classy (florals and breezy) and these skirts, although plaid can be a great pattern for a classy closet, are too colorful to work.

That means floral, animal print, stripes, zigzags, polka dots = no (look at the bad example above). You can make these work if they are more muted. That being said, simple plaid clothing can be very effective.

Step 3: What type of clothes should I wear?

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Classy clothing (for women) tends to be more traditional and feminine. Essentially skirts and dresses, though pantsuits can function well too. You'll want lots of blouses (no t-shirts) and button-down shirts.

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Classy women often wear high heels but if this makes you uncomfortable, no problem! Flats, mules, simple sandals work too. Shoes should be minimalistic, meaning no bright colors (like neon green) and nothing over-the-top (like crazy high heel straps). Look for suede leather ankle boots, simple and neutral high heels, and plain sneakers without flashy colors.

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Clothes should fit well. You clothes shouldn't reveal your undergarments and should flatter your figure. That being said, don't be afraid to wear a pencil skirt or a v-neck shirt. Remember, being classy is actually about confidence, not clothing.

Step 4: How should I style my outfits?

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Shirts: Tuck them into your pants/skirt for a fitted approach. Keep your collar turned down and 1-3 buttons unbuttoned. Roll up sleeves to the elbows if you want to look polished.

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Skirts/Pants: Generally speaking, classy women don't wear shorts often (of course, you can if you want to but it's seen as very casual). Clothes can be tight or loose fitting, but remember that going too tight might look like you want attention and too loose might take away from the
subtle/minimalist look.

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Dresses: Keep them simple and elegant. Avoid crazy floral patterns, polka dots, and stripes.

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Jewelry: Gold jewelry or pearls are minimalistic and elegant. Only wear one to two pieces of jewelry (ie a ring and a bracelet) at a time. More looks tacky. Avoid crazy colors and large stones/jewels.

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Jackets/Coats: Camel coats, cardigans, blazers are closet must-haves. Sweaters are nice during winter and should follow the neutral color pattern. They shouldn't be too oversize or baggy (remember that classy style is fitted).

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Accessories: A handbag is essential. They should not be bulky but should be functional and elegant. Have several in different sizes for different outings (restaurant? formal event? shopping?). You should keep some plain, muted scarves and dainty gloves for winter. Simple and sleek sunglasses are perfect.

Step 5: How do I dress for different occasions and weather?

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Casual: Stick to the blouse/button-down tucked into a skirt/pants. Wear simple shoes. Feel free to add a little jewelry or a handbag.

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Formal: Bring out your dresses, high heels, and nicest handbag. If you have a pantsuit you can also wear it (depends on the type of event). Remember, don't be flashy. Be simple and chic.

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Active: Generally speaking, classy women never wear exercise clothes/activewear outside of the gym or workout sessions. It looks tacky, cheap, and flashy. When you do exercise, don't worry too much about how you look or what you wear. Focus on burning calories and building muscle!

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Cold weather: Wear your sweaters, cardigans, boots, tights (if you're wearing a skirt/dress), and camel coats. This is a perfect time to look classy and dignified.

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Warm weather: Wear breezy, lightweight tops, like white blouses, and lots of airy skirts/dresses. Wear heels and sandals as much as possible!

Step 6: How do I style my hair?

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There's a ton of options for this, but a lot of classy women wear simple buns, a sleek ponytail (with hair wrapped around the hair tie), a simple braid, or down with a clip or toe to hold it in place.

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You want to avoid elaborate hairstyles and crazy braids. As cool as they might look, they're suuuuper distracting and may even give you a childish look.

Step 7: How does hygiene work?

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Well, you should aim to have a pretty solid skincare routine but I wouldn't worry too much about things like acne and skin just because that doesn't display anything about your personality.

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Do try to have a clean face, nice teeth, moisturized lips, and simple makeup (makeup isn't necessary at all, but if you choose to wear it, keep it natural).

Step 8: Remember that...

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These are all just pointers and tips! As I've said before, it really doesn't matter what you wear. It's about how you act, not how you dress. That being said, a woman is so much more classy when her style is sophisticated, chic, subtle, minimalistic, feminine, empowering, effortless, comfortable, and elegant.

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So get out there, head high, shoulders back, back straight, smile on, best foot forward, and be the classy lady that you are!