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Today take some time for yourself and join me in a different, more interactive article, tasting virtually a Traditional British Afternoon Tea

But first let's not know its origin, it makes me a little curious and you?
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Afternoon Tea was introduced in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in the year 1840. The Duchess would become hungry around four o'clock in the afternoon.
Mmm I think I'm starting to get hungry already darling, I hope you have too! haha let's find a nice place !!!
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or in a nature place? I think it's better, but I consider your opinion the same...
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Okay, let's assume we already have a place, what about the food we are going to order?
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scones, macarons, muffins, cakes and a lot of cream!!!
Wow what a treat !! I love how they presented it, very photo to upload to instagram huh?
'but we still don't order the traditional teas!'
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Sooo Aesthetic!!! those flowers are edible? Haha
I'm having a great time with you, this is very fun, oh wait, an adorable dog joined our talk!
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I'm going to call it a Cookie!!, sorry it was stronger than me, I had to give you a little of this delight...
Oh look at what surrounds us! it's fanstastic, a great choice!!!
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I hear the sound of a bee, I hope you are not allergic! there is a lot of sugar and sweets...

> I loved that Strawberry Jam,Look! the owner of the place brought us the strawberries they use to make it, all from organic gardens, good!

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I love the vintage style of the decoration, and you?
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I Love this pastel Pink!
I'm glad you are doing well, despite everything, I know you can do everything you set your mind to! Look! I brought you the travel book you asked for!
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Darling, I'm late, I have to go home! Virtual hug and have a good day
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