「what is the tips do you think to love ourselves ?」

today my mom suddenly asked me on a pouring day.

and I said

「to accept my weakness or know about who I am」

when she was listening without any reaction
(I guess she did not even give a fuck what I was gonna say...)

and said

「According to someone on a radio that I listened in this morning,
doing everything in a daily life politely such as brushing the teeth, taking a bath, washing the face is pretty worth loving ourselves」

...it did not quite fit me

i asked same question to my dad because i was kinda stuck in my head with what a fuck is loving ourselves

and his opinion was like

「even if you failed something, having a power no to be pessimistic and keep trying what you love」

... its sounds like he didn't get my question.

like those of their thought including me are beautiful if we can.

but all i want to say is it is more difficult than words we say as a giving some advice.

being lazy and feeling fool about myself is just real.

it is important to take care ourselves sometimes not to take it out on others but

i sometimes feel we dont have to be too much confident and loving because those are hard things for someone.

what would be a good answer for this.
maybe each has different way.

but if i can stay calm in a hard time with loving myself
that could be cool.