Hello. It’s such begins all my articles. But just this article is not so usual as all different. Because it’s about relationship. Yes, I’ve written about this recently but now I would like to tell you WHY DO I WANT TO END MY RELATIONSHIP
I have a boyfriend during a half of year and understand – I need a support and care, not a big love. I’m a child yet, I’m 14 (oh, you don’t know about it!) and love is not so important thing for these years. No, we all just thing that it’s important, wonderful and help with everything. May be it’s true and when you’re not 11,15,17.
Did you see how girls and boys before 17 were crazy of love, wrote love quotes and so on. They thought that it is a truth of life.

The first love comes when you are in the middle… 13 y.o. But it can come earlier or bigger. And IT DOESN’T SEEM THAT YOU MUST THINK ONLY ABOUT LOVE, LOST A HEAD, CRY AND ALWAYS FIND RELATIONSHIP. Love exists for new babies which will continue people race.

If you love, it’s wonderful. It’s a reason to create smth new and important. It’s a reason to live. It’s a reason to be happy. But don’t make a big problem with this. Try to live a wonderful life because the first it’s YOURS LIFE. Dream, love, study and be happy :)

X.O. Yours Enna