how do i deal with this problem.

I am born in Japan, the one of the single ethnicity country, n
im living as Japanese for entire my life.

everyone said
we should stop to be racist and treated equally

easy word to say

because most of ppl know its really got to be bad and out of moral attitude
nobody want to be discriminated and get hurt.

so the most important thing is

how to stop this.

what kind of social system, law, education, economic, art and science every subject that we accept without our decision should be changed from now.

but we cannot be president tomorrow .

that is why voting is the only way to make things better.

but as an Asian, there is few ppl who think things are so big issue in my country


we dont get used to communicate with foreigner including black.

our culture dont have any culture like party club to communicate with multiple people. even those things are bad staff.

preferred to be same with others and make group, not to be single or different.

we describe ppl who have mix or triple culture and many foreign friends is treated like

unique in a bad way generally

i think it is because we are scared to be weak without any help or
dont get used with difference and change.

Fortunately i could have gotten much love from parents and friends who i got. they are few but all of them are trustful smart and gentle.

also since i was child i got some experiments id lived in abroad for my dad work or studying abroad in high school and university for a little while.

i met lot of people who have different culture and background and ive been sure about those difference of human being there.

so i know we are same human being living under the same sky

because i could know we all have concern dream relationship life that we can share equally with ppl who had came from bunch of different countries.

that was just so beautiful finding to me.

in a whole world, there too many difficult thing to figure all out.

but we are alive and connected. that is just real.

so i want many ppl that i will meet in a future to tell and know this small my thought of equally.

its necessary for me to be educated and smarter again and again

to overcome with unconsciousness bias.