Basic Informations
Name: Tatiana Guerrero
Age: 25 years old
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Why she's in prison: Drug dealing
First Appearance: Season 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance: Season 4 Episode 8

Her Appearance

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FC: Tati Gabrielle


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At first impression, she seems nice, funny and friendly, but in reality, she only uses it to gain someone's trust. In fact, she's just narcissist, manipulative and selfish person. No wonder she gets along with Zulema. Tatiana seems careless, but once she started to like someone, she would die for them. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen often. She also likes to flirt all the time.

Her Story

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She was born in a poor family. Her father was an alcoholic who abuses his wife. When she was around twelve years old, her mother died and Tatiana's father started to abusing her. He used to grab her by the hair and smash her against the wall when she wasn't behaving the way he wants her to. That's the reason why she prefers short hair. When she was 18 years old she ran away from home and started to dealing drugs, because she needed money. When she was 21 they caught her and she gets into prison.


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They were sharing the same cell in Cruz del Sur. Tatiana, Zulema and Saray became friends really quickly. She also escaped with them, but they found them because of Macarena. In Cruz del Norte, Saray was angry at her for a while, because Tatiana was still on Zulema's side, even she knows that Zulema wanted to kill Saray.

Relationship with other prisoners:

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She gets along with almost everyone. As long as they behave the way it suits her.

Love Interest

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Antonio Hierro

Some of her lines

,,First thing I would do when I get out of prison? Damn, I would probably apply for a job here so I can come back and made Hierro fall in love with me. I can't believe I said that aloud... Or I would go to the bar and get drunk. Yeah, that's more likely to happen."

,,Yeah, childhood trauma sucks."

,,If he wanted to throw me over the railing like that one prisoner in Cruz del Sur, I wouldn't resist."