Dear A.,

I wish you all the best

153 days went by since we saw us the last time.

Our wounds are still fresh – our pain still hurts. But our friendship is stronger than that. Stronger than our fears, our pain, our grief.

153 days went by since I touched you the last time.

It still feels like we just met.
It still feels like you just left yesterday.

153 days went by since we met up in our city.

Our city doesn’t feel the same.
Everywhere I’m going I still see you - I still see us.

9,346km separate us.
9,346km and money.
9,346km and COVID-19.

It isn’t terrifying – it’s fine

We still have our phones and video chats. We still have Snapchat and Instagram.

We still have us.

I’m living 7 hours in your future.
Your living 7 hours in my past.

See you on the other side – of our screens.

I love you.
Happy birthday!

Love K.

This article was written by @timasiarose on the We Heart It Gazette Team