Remember this is all in good fun! Just because it isn't my favorite doesn't mean I don't love it.

12. Let me in

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I'm not the type of person who likes ballads, so it's not that it isn't a good song, it's just not my taste, but I'm not gonna lie and say her vocals in the song weren't amazing, cause they were :).

11. Everyday I love you

loona, viví, and kpop image kpop, viví, and loona image
It's not that I don't like this song really, it's just that I don't listen to this song as much as I do the other ones, and may I say the chorus is immaculate * chefs kiss *

10. Kiss Later

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This song is so cute tbh like the MV and everything, and the pre-chorus and chorus is amazing, but since it was the last loona solo I listened to I think I figured which ones I really liked already.

9. Around you

aesthetic, hyunjin, and loona image aesthetic, cat, and theme image
as I said I'm not ones for ballads, but I do like this song slightly more, I think it's because I really like the instrumental more, and I also like the music video more tbh.

8. Singing in the rain

loona, aesthetic, and kpop image Temporarily removed
this is kinda like the same thing as Everyday I love you, I don't listen to it as much as the others after this one, but the MV really is one of the best that was given to a solo.

7. Eclipse

Image removed beauty, eclipse, and idol image
I think I really love this one for the big fact that Kim Lip's voice in it is amazing, like honestly, and just the way it sounds in general, like the beginning " cause baby I just got this feeling" like ooooooo.

6. Egoist

egoist, hyejoo, and loona image egoist, heejin, and hyejoo image
I really love the meaning in the lyrcis for Egoist, and when it hits the chorus it's just like one of those song for me that gives me like chills when I listen to it.

5. New

aesthetic, kpop, and new image Image removed
This was the second loona solo I heard so it still has a special place in my heart, the chorus is what really get me, I really love like EDM based songs or really loud songs and when the chorus starts I lose it.

4. One & Only

Temporarily removed kpop and loona image
the rap parts in One & Only and the way they made them sound like ear to ear when you wear headphone really gets me everytime, and the chorus is so catchy over all, personally I like how smooth her voice sounds with the loud background music.

3. Love Cherry Motion

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The way the song goes from up beat and happy to dark and deep during the dance parts, really just gets me everytime, I think it really fits choerry's voice too. I can't help but sing along with it whenever it comes on.

2. Vivid

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the jazzy sound and feel of this song is really what gets you hooked to it, Vivid was the first loona solo I heard so it dear to me as it is. The way Heejin's voice fits to this song is amazing, this is really her type of genre.

1. Heart Attack

chuu, loona, and kpop image Image removed
This song really just proves Chuu is holding the whole K-pop industry on her back, like really. Everytime I hear Heart Attack it reminds me of the cute parts of falling in love and crushs. Whenever I listen to it, it's like I just get hypnotized by her lovely voice.