Recently I decided to have a more minimal makeup collection. I decluttered a lot of things I wasn't using and just kept for the sake of having a lot of it. I felt the need to invest my money in good quality beauty items to enjoy them every single time I use them.
I started making lists of things I wanted and only buy the things from this list to avoid any random shopping spree for products I was never going to use.
I thought that I would share my current wish-list, let me know what product you want the most !

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I have placed an order recently with glossier and I am still waiting for my items, but I still plan on getting more, everything looks so amazing and I think I would go for the foundation and concealer once my shade is back in stock
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Diva was my first ever M.A.C lipstick. I remember buying it in Paris and it is so special to me. I want to get a new one as the shade is gorgeous but mine is just to old to be used.
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Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eye shadow. I already have a few but I'd like to get some more shades. They are my favourite eye shadows
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Dior Backstage foundation. I have seen so many reviews about this one and it looks amazing.
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Gucci beauty. I have purchased some makeup from their website today but I think the next thing I will get is the mascara. the brush looks brilliant and it's very similar to the baby doll by Yves Saint Laurent which is my favourite.
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Yves Saint Laurent is my favourite brand so anything they do I usually like. I'd like to get the Touche Eclat Blur Primer. it looks gorgeous and super glowy. BIG plus for the packaging!!

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