There’s no better time than now to treat yourself to a luxurious DIY spa day. Ahead, everything you need to master the most relaxing at-home spa day you’ve ever experienced from the most moisturizing body scrub you’ve ever experienced to an affordable all-in-one manicure kit.

Moisturizing Coffee Scrub

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Indulge in a decadent blend of exfoliating coffee grounds and moisturizing shea butter. Your skin will thank you.

Shop: Body Coffee Scrub by Palermo, $48.00

Relaxing Bath Bombs

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Our favorite fashion influencers are raving about these jasmine-scented bath bombs.

Shop: Chill Pills Bath Bombs by OUAI, $30.00

Calming Eye Gels

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Cooling, soothing and so calming, we strongly recommend adding these aromatherapy eye gels to your self-care routine immediately.

Shop: Moodpatch Tea-Infused Aromatherapy Eye Gel, Downtime Calming, 5 Count by Patchology, $15.00

Pimple-Healing Patches

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The most effective pimple-eliminating patches out there.

Shop: Acne Healing Dots by PEACE OUT, $19.00

All-Purpose Essential Oil

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Clean, affordable and multitasking, Acure’s marula oil is a must-own if you have dry skin, dry hair, or both.

Shop: The Essentials Marula Oil by Acure, $11.98

Silk Headband

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A high-quality, no-crease headband designed for sleeping, masking and cleansing.

Shop: Pure Silk Headband by Slip, $69.00

At-Home Mani Kit

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Everything you need to maintain your manicure, sans nail salon.

Shop: Mini Nail Rescue Kit by Tweezerman, $23.00