All this is making me hungry, enjoy!

Burgers or Hot Dogs

food, breakfast, and dinner image food, eat, and yummy image
I can't Pick.

French Fries or Onion Rings

delicious and food image food, fries, and yummy image

Pizza or Pasta

cheese, food, and pizza image food, pasta, and yummy image
There's no way to pick.

Hot or Cold Chocolate

coffee, drink, and milk image coffee, milk, and drink image

Pancake or Waffles

blueberry, food, and maple image

Ketchup or Mustard

food image
Canes sauce is the best! but Ketchup.

Bagels or Biscuits

Temporarily removed

Ice cream or Frozen yogurt

dessert, food, and ice cream image berries, food, and ice cream image dessert, food, and ice image comida, delicioso, and dulce image
Ice Cream

Bread or Tortilla

food, cake, and sweet image bread, food, and jam image bread, food, and baguette image bread, food, and fresh image
Bread, specially garlic bread.

Dark chocolate or Milk Chocolate

baking, chocolate, and dessert image chocolate, food, and sweet image
Milk Chocolate

Coke or Pepsi

pink, coca cola, and drink image
Cherry Coke

Junk food or healthy food

cheese, chips, and food image food, fresh, and fruit image
It depends on what I'm craving but I can do both.

Breakfast or Lunch

food, asian, and delicious image healthy, cheese, and food image
Lunch, I rarely do Breakast.

Cake or Pies

berries, dessert, and food image food image cake, birthday, and food image cake, citrus, and dessert image
Cakes but I love the pie crust.

Sweet or salty

Temporarily removed
I think I like both but it depends how I feel.

Macaroons or Cupcakes

birthday, colors, and dessert image food, cupcake, and sweet image
I'll say yes to anything sweet to be honest...

Mexican or Chinese

food, lime, and mexican food image cheese, food, and mexican image
Mexican Always.

MC Donald's or Burger King

vintage, burger king, and retro image Image removed
Burger king has better meat taste.

Five Guys or Freddie's

Image removed blonde girls, burger, and fashion image
Five Guys, best fries ever!

Apple Juice or Orange Juice

apples, food, and fresh image fruit, red, and apple image
Apple Juice

Donuts or Donuts holes

food, donuts, and chocolate image dessert, donuts, and flowers image chocolate, dessert, and donuts image donuts and food image

Lime or Ketchup

burritos, food, and kitchen image lime, fruit, and food image
I love Lime, I will add it to everything over ketchup; Except on Burgers, Fries or Hot Dogs.

Veggies or Fruits

fruit, food, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed
Veggies and Fruit because they are too perfect.

Bacon or Sausage

food, sausage, and patty image

Scrambled eggs or fried eggs

breakfast, fitness, and food image Image removed
With Ketchup

white rice or Mexican rice

food, mexican food, and recipe image
Mexican Rice

Brownies or Cookies

chocolate, oreo, and food image chocolate chip, food porn, and future goals image chocolate, ice cream, and food image cake, food, and chocolate image

Wendy's or Chick Fil A

wendy's and strawberry lemonade image burgers, cafe, and fast food image

Smoothie or Milkshake

oreo, food, and Cookies image chocolate, dessert, and food image

Wings or Boneless

Chicken, food, and wings image food image

Sushi or Taiwanese Food

asian, food, and rice image Temporarily removed food, rice, and sushi image delicious and food image

Any Type of Side Potatoes or Side Salad

broccoli, cheese, and food image food, vegan, and avocado image food and yummy image Image removed
I love Potatoes

By the way I was eating Ice Cream with Oreo's while writing this.