hi y'all!! I am finally back from my 'break' from writing articles since semester exams had been in my way for like a week. So I saw this article and kind of inspired me to start writing articles again, so lesgo >>>


where I'm from:

amateur, forest, and indonesia image adventure, culture, and foggy image bright, town, and aesthetic image aerial photography, aerial view, and cities image
Jakarta, Indonesia

favorite colors:

aesthetic, heart, and dark image cat, animal, and pet image blue image beach, aesthetic, and summer image
black, white, aqua blue, beige

my style

fashion, style, and clothes image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, blue, and outfit image fashion, style, and chill image
casual & comfy - i like to keep it simple

my hobbies

qcyn2, youth with you, and liu yuxin image aesthetic, piano, and dark image anime and japanese image aesthetic, female, and girl image
dancing (luv u 雨盺 bby!!💙), playing the piano, learning new lanuages, watching the sunset

hobbies i want

black, blue, and bullet image aesthetic, guitar, and room image skateboard, skate, and vans image christmas, winter, and friends image
bullet journaling, playing the guitar (i used to be able to play it but i tend to focus on the piano so i forgot how to do it 🤧), skateboarding, ice skating

favorite movies

haoran and liu haoran image assassination classroom, anime, and korosensei image harry potter, emma watson, and hermione granger image creepy, esther, and film image
detective chinatown (chiindo pride ✊✊), asassination classroom the movie, all of the harry potter movies, orphan, etc.

favorite tv shows

asian, japanese, and jdrama image sherlock and benedict cumberbatch image cast, chinese, and running man image angel, cat, and child image
mr. hiiragi's homeroom (3年A組 - their age gap is huge n ik masaki has a girlfriend but i ship their friendship so muchhh), sherlock,running man (chinese ver.), return of superman

favorite artist or band

jeremy zucker image tour, chelsea cutler, and sleeping with roses image loona, yves, and chuu image theme, boy, and kpop image
jeremy zucker, chelsea culter, loona, eric nam

places i wanted to go

theme, aesthetic, and psd image Inspiring Image on We Heart It faceless, seoul, and south korea image beach, dreamy, and sea image
kyoto, genting highlands in malaysia, seoul, krabi

favorite food

bean, garlic, and spicy image Temporarily removed food, recipe, and recipes image Image by Jarbas Jacare
tofu, carbonara fire noodles (hey i don't get to eat this so often kay don't judge me), rendang (slow-cooked beef with spices), anything grape

favorite drinks

coffee, food, and aesthetic image iced tea, lemon, and think image aesthetic, drink, and coffee image water, pink, and aesthetic image
coffee, iced tea, milk tea, water

favorite season

Image by Peach Sugar Image by 𝘒𝘺𝘳𝘢 ice cream and food image book, winter, and park min young image
winter - even tho my country doesn't have winter as a seaon, I still have a chance to experience it


soo, that's it!! I actually wanted to put way more pictures since I like way more things than the ones I chose to show here but I'm too lazy ehehe, maybe next time? I apologize if you might not understand some points i'm trying to express here cuz i'm again lazy :)) that's it, have a good day or night, whenever u're reading this, n babaii!!