Hello everyone, this is kind of a spontaneous experiment!
Just for your information: Synesthesia is kind of a merge of senses. This means, for some people, sounds or letters have colors. I thought this was normal, turns out it is not, at least not for everyone. About 1 in 32 people has one form of synesthesia, and there are a lot of different kinds. Anyways, I made a playlist that consists of songs I associate with the same colors. When I listen to them, I see a lot of bright pastel colors, like a sky blue, a soft pink and a lilac purple, some kind of sunset clouds.
And that's also what it feels like. I added some pictures to give a feeling of what I see, it is not 100 percent accurate all the time but hey, enjoy the aesthetic :-)
(If you have any questions or reccomendations, please feel free to message me! I am always happy to chat)

Magic Shop - BTS

clouds, lover, and Taylor Swift image

Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer

aesthetic, beauty, and clouds image
This one is orange too, by the way

Placebo - 3RACHA

nature, aesthetic, and beauty image

I like me better - Lauv

pink, sky, and clouds image

This one is actually pretty colorful and also has a lot of yellow, it's kind of a soft mess in a good way!

Replay - SHINee

glow, ocean, and pink image
Shawols how are we feeling? Maybe it's just the fangirl in me but everytime this song starts I literally see this aquablue glow

Coming Home - JJProject

nature, ocean, and sky image

Someone's Someone - MONSTA X

aesthetic, blue, and chill image

Sleeping Beauty - End of the World x Epik High

aesthetic, sky, and pink image

Tomorrow Today - JJProject

Image by sweetkvss
This is hard to explain but it sounds like a rainbow

On & On - JJProject

flowers, moon, and pink image
It also has a lot of dark green like a forest od christmas trees . All these JJP songs feel really windy and fresh btw

Answer: Love Myself - BTS

Funfact: A lot of BTS' songs from the LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER album have these colors. I have the E version at home, and the pictures from the photobook as well as the design fit the sound. I am pretty sure the designer behind it has synesthesia too!

Still Alive - Lisa Miskovsky (Mirror's Edge OST)

colors, paint, and pink image
I see a lot of this bright purple in this song!

700 Main St - DAT ADAM

clouds, mood, and pink image


2020, blue, and field image
This song has a lot of a glowing blue too

Into The New World - Girls Generation

pink, sky, and clouds image
This one has a lot of bright pink, but also a very dark bright red, also it's iconic lol
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Many of these sounds from the songs look exactly like this!

I know there is a lot of kpop in here, but well, the artists love to experiment a lot and I really like that. If you want a part 2, for example one with more english songs, tell me via postcard!

That's it for now! Thank you for checking my article out. Please note that 1, english is not my first language, and 2, this is the first time I tried putting what I hear in pictures. I would love to know what you see when you listen to these songs!
See you soon <3

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