This is my first heart. I hope you will enjoy it. Its about the articels i would have/wear and others if i were a princess.

Name: Sophia Rose Morgen
Age: 16
Zodiac: Virgo
Nationality: english


hair, hairstyle, and aesthetic image aesthetic, body, and neck image makeup, eyes, and beauty image fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image
brown-ginger hair, hazel eyes, freckels, white skin, short


Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, princess, and Anne Hathaway image quotes, life, and change image quotes image


Image removed core, fashion, and ribbon image aesthetic and dark academia image fashion, outfit, and style image
literally anything plaid and dark academia style

+ events

fashion and dress image ball, beauty, and corset image beautiful, curls, and english image Temporarily removed crown and princess image Image by Cris Figueiredo


architecture, ballroom, and castles image castle, manor, and medieval castle image aesthetic, background, and wallpaper image book and library image architecture, places, and travel image architecture, baroque, and building image


book, library, and reading image book, vintage, and writing image car, cars, and france image vintage image
reading, writing, collect oldtimer cars, letters


aesthetic, dark, and dark academia image narnia, peter pevensie, and aesthetic image
my brother, Cristian Morgen(19), very clever, one day he will be a king


Image removed evening dress, evening gown, and formal wear image
Lisabelle Gardeber(16), to loud, uppish, not loyal

Best Friend:

Image removed leonardo dicaprio, boy, and vintage image
George Carter(17), addict, daydreamer, passionate, always open for something crazy, gay


dark academia and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
William Carter(18), (Georges twin), serious, passionate, understandig

I hope you enjoyed. Do your version to!