Let's be friends!!

This is my first article ever and I admit that I'm not really good at writing articles but I'll try:|)

This is a little about me so I hope you enjoy!!


Where I'm from: Philippines
Age: fourteen

Hobbies:reading books, watching movies,bible studying
Fav. color: sky blue

I am:friendly, funny,wonderful(i think),bubbly,loud,colorful:\

Some things i like:dogs,mermaids,vintage style,pizza,fries,skies,oceans,animals
Fav food:cereal/oats and shrimp

Fav singers/band:Ariana Grande,Billie Eillish,Why Don't We,Little mix

Languagges I speak:English,Tagalog,and a super little bit of french(im looking forward to learning more french so i hope i find french people/friends)

Fav. Icecream flavor:Chocolate

Foods I always crave:pizzzaa,fries
Places I wanna go to:France,Jerusalem,USA,and maybe whole Europe
That's it I really hope you enjoy and thank you so much for reading:)) hope we become friends!! :D