Hi guys, the world is in chaos right now, there is so much hate, anger and sadness going on. This causes a negative impact on our mental health, so I hope this article contains all the love and positivity for us to rise and seek peace in our mind, heart and soul.

Ways to Improve Our Mental Health

1. Do a social detox

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As we all know, social media has its good and bad. However, there is too much going on in the world right now, every post or story that we come across might bring us devastation and fear. Hence, it would be helpful if we stayed out of social media for a time being. It’s important to know what’s going on, but it’s also important to build a healthy mindset before any approach and action.

2. Meditate or exercise

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Getting our bodies moving will be a good way to relieve tension and stress that causes poor mental health. By practicing meditation, we can learn to reach a certain level of calmness and serenity. By exercising, our bodies will sweat out the toxins and release endorphins which would be beneficial for our mental health.

3. Eat well and sleep well

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Food and rest can play a huge role in one’s mental health. We should follow a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

4. Journal or talk to someone

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When we’re feeling down, most of us tend to keep it to ourselves, bottle it up and wait till we get over it. However, we should find a healthy way for us to let out our emotions. A good way would be to journal your feelings. Other than that, we can also talk to someone we can trust, a good conversation can do wonders, so never underestimate the power of communication.

5. Do nothing

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We tend to feel tired and weary from work and struggles we face in life. Thus, just do nothing for minutes or even hours and promise yourself to not feel guilty about it. You could lie down, watch as the ceiling fan spins, drift off to daydreaming. It’s really hard to do nothing when most of the time your mind is doing everything, but try to just focus on achieving a mindset of relaxation.

6. Make time for your hobbies

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As we grow up, we no longer are able to find time to do what we used to enjoy, so this is a great time to go back to what we used to love doing. By doing this, it helps to take off the thoughts in our mind and problems in our life.

7. Create lists of small things to be happy for

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When we feel down and low, it’s usually because our mind takes up a lot of negativity like worries, fear, insecurities and more. Therefore, it is important to look out for what brings happiness and put it in a list.

8. Read positive quotes and affirmations

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There are so many quotes on pinterest, WHI, instagram and more. sit down, listen to our favourite album and read while enjoying a cup of tea. After some time, we would gradually feel better and not so moody anymore.

9. Reflect on your mindset

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It is crucial to understand ourselves and have regular conversations with the soul. We have to ask ourselves, why are we feeling this way? Once we get to know more on how we’re feeling, it will be easier for us to know how to improve our mental health.

10. Self care

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Self care. We know so much about it but we don’t do it frequently. It is important to practice self care at least once every week, let it be watching a TV show, applying a face mask, enjoying a bubble bath, crying it out and even more. This will be super beneficial to our mental health.

Some keynotes to take note of:

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  • Do not self diagnose a mental illness
  • Seek a professional if you’re really struggling
  • Try going for therapy or counselling sessions
  • Listen to your therapist’s advice
  • Only take medication when you’re prescribed to

I hope everyone is safe and healthy in these tough times. Feel free to share with me any struggles you’re facing, I’m here to listen. Sending love!


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Educate yourself with depth and fullness regarding this issue, spread the word and bring awareness, share educational info and do whatever you can to help, let your actions speak up.

This article was written by @nostalgicnights for the Tenth Muse Writers Team