I know I have not posted an article in a while and this post has taken me a while to write.

But I wanted to make a special post for those who face racism everyday.

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If you support Black Lives Matter, please heart this article.

It is my hope that I can use my account and this platform to show my support. I hope that this article can be used to spread more awareness on the matter.

Racism must end today. The only way for that to happen is for us all to show our support and to spread the word. Please help me in using this post to do just that. I have included some ways you can help down below.

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One step at a time, let us make this world a more just place for all!

If you support Black Lives, please heart and repost.
All lives do matter but black lives are not being treated equally. Therefore, Black Lives Matter is valid.
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What Can You Do:
I have compiled a list with resources that have been posted by others.

1. Educate yourself about what racism is
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2. Sign petitions
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3. Support Black Influencers
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4. Donate
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5. Protest
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6. Vote
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7. Post on Social Media
8. Recognize your privileges
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9. Start having the tough conversations with your friends and family
10. Listen and speak out
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xoxo, D