Official Name; Sunrise
Debut; May 10, 2020
Concept; Girl Crush\Dark
Company; JYPE & RNW Entertainment ( oc ent. )
Fandom Name; Sunnies
Official Colors;

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About Sunrise; Sunrise is a 5-member collab girl group under RNW and JYP Entertainment that get consistent comebacks. the members are Annie, Risé, June, Bora, & on June 20, 2020 Haerim Joined the group. Haerim was not in the survival show. They're formed of 2 JYP trainees and 2 RNW trainees, they were picked by RNW and JYP doing a survival like show with 8 other trainees.

About RNW Ent.


Stage Name; Annie
Birth Name; Annie Cooper
Nationality; Japanese-Australian
Birthday; August 25, 2002
Height; 171.45 cm (5’7.5”)
Position; Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Face of the Group, Producer, Maknae

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- Auditioned for Cube, Yg, SM, & RNW in 2010 and got excepted by all four but picked SM, but left in 2017 because she felt as if she was getting no where. Then one year later she re-auditioned for RNW.
- She was originally set to debut with Red Velvet
- Hates most Vegetables
- Her cousin is a JYP trainee
- Her ideal type is "someone I can bond with and feel comfortable with, and I would like them to know English but it's not a must" ( Annie & Risé VLive )


Stage Name; Risé
Birth Name; Yamamoto Risé
Nationality; Japanese
Birthday; August 25, 2002
Height; 160.02 cm (5’3”)
Position; Position: Sub Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Producer

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- Learned English while in Ireland while in a school exchange program.
- She left Cube ent. before she joined JYP, but still keeps in touch with her Cube friends
- She was scouted by JYP at a Twice Fansign
- In a pre-debut interview she said that if she wasn't a trainee she would be an author
- Her ideal type is "someone who is polite, responsible, enthusiastic, and had a clear direction of his life path." ( Annie & Risé VLive )


Stage Name; June
Real Name; Ahn Chan Mi
Nationality; Korean
Birthday; December 5, 1997
Height; 165.10 cm (5’5”)
Position; Main Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, Drummer

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- Members call her the Mood Maker of the group
- Loves to go Café Hopping
- She's friends with Chuu from Loona
- Since she's in JYP she was supposed to debut with Itzy


Stage Name; Bora
Birth Name; Im/Lim Bora
Nationality; Korean
Birthday; Birthday: January 29, 1996
Height; 163 cm (5’4″)
Position; Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, Rapper, Visual

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- During her trainee days her and nct's doyoung would hangout around cafes so fans started to speculate
- She was supposed to debut in a SM group that disbanded before they debuted, but left SM entertainment for personal reasons
- Her brother is JB from Got7
- She plays the Harp


June 20, 2020 Update - New Member Added !

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Stage Name; Haerim
Birth Name; Kwon Chaewon
Nationality; Korean
Birthday; June 16, 2001
Height; 164 cm (5'5")
Position; Main Vocalist, Rapper, Visual


- Trained for 11 months
- She wasn't in the survival show
- RNW originally planed to debut her as a soloist in August
- She's a huge Reveluv
- She knows Basic English and is Fluent in Japanese


Mini Album Title; Uncovered
- Uncovered * Title
- Kick it * Preformed B-side
- Call Back

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MV Aesthetic

Line Distribution

Annie - 30%
Risé - 26%
June - 23%
Bora - 21%

Over All

Wins during this era; 3
MV Views/Streams; 11.4 Mil
Number of weeks to promote; 4.5

Followers in total this Era

Instagram; 900K
Twitter; 350K
Vlive; 400K
YouTube; 950K