my favorite drink is the next one
vodka honey lemonade
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In a blender put water, cut up lemons and mint. After getting some consistency, strain it. Mix the minty lemon juice with honey and 5cl of vodka. Pour it in a glass with ice and you get an amazing vodka honey lemonade
whiskey & ginger ale
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Super easy and so good! Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour 5cl of your favourite whiskey, mix it with ginger ale and add a slice of lime to top it off!
pink gin & tonic
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Start by filling a glass with ice, add sliced strawberries or red berries. Next pour 5cl of pink gin and fill the rest of the glass with tonic water. Tip: try sprite instead of tonic for a sweeter cocktail!
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Start by slicing a lime, put 4 to 6 a lime quarters in the glass, add around 2 spoons of brown sugar and mash it. Fill the glass until half with crushed ice and add 5cl of rum. Put around 6 mint leaves and soda until the top - just shake it and it's ready to enjoy!

hope you like it x