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One of the first things to understand when being introduced to the magick world is HOW magick works. There are some theories that explain it, and none of them are wrong, or right, and may be parts of the same understanding, so it is very important to know them. It can help you in your own practices and allow you to look at things you might have missed.

You can choose on what to believe in. I, particularly, believe in several of them. It depends on the subject of the practice, but I believe that some of them are connected. Here I’ll put the most popular theories.

Faith Theory

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Here magick works basically just by having faith and believing that our goals will manifest if we think about it with intention and positivity. This may seen silly and it may remind you of what religion usually preaches. But as I already said, there is no right or wrong. Faith can be used with or without the belief of deities.
How many times it happened that you believed so hard something was going to happen and them... boom! It happened! I've been there so many times, it's just impossible to me not to believe in it.
And please, respect anyone's faith! You don't have to believe it, but it's not your job to judge others.

Energetic Theory

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Magick works by taking energy, intending and directing it towards your goal to make it manifest. This energy can be raised by using tools, the practitioner’s inner power or even the energies from other entities, and then this energy can be manipulated through intention in order to receive instructions on what it should do or manifest.
I believe so hard in energy, for me it is what makes the world go round. Every person has an energy, every single thing has an energy, the world has energy and we just have to learn to direct this energy towards what we believe. I also believe that we can be affected by the energy of others and even by the energy of a place. That's why I think it's really import for us to reflect about our relationships, connections and be sure that we are surrounded by positive energies.

Consciousness Theory

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This theory is about understanding that all consciousness is seen as connected, and that our thoughts affect not only us but the whole world around us. Once understanding our consciousness and subconsciousness, we can use its will upon what we desire, so that reality will move in that direction, allowing it to manifest.
This becomes easier the more the practitioner becomes connected with their consciousness. This connection can be strengthened through practices like meditation.

Entity Theory

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Here magick works through other entities, those who accepts to help the practitioners by manifesting their will. This can happen when the practitioner gain favor or appease certain entity (deities, angels, demons, spirits, ancestors, the universe).
This is why many choose to give offerings to deities/to the earth.

Psychological Theory

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This theory has like a “placebo effect”. Here magick works by changing the way we think about the world around us. This is based on the premise in which reality can be changed completely based on what we think or believe, this is, making the practitioner convinced of the outcome of a spell so much so that they alter their own reality. We can use spells, rituals, magickal itens to create new mental thoughts patterns that can direct ourselves towards our goals.

Biological Theory

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This theory is based on the understanding that magick is all biological and can be created by controlling biological forces in the body from different chemicals to the bioelectromagnetic field around the practitioner. Through the act of controlling our emotions, thoughts and physical factors we can initiate chemical reactions that will allow us to trigger the release of specific physical energies, manifesting our goals.

Quantum Theory

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Quantum explanation theory has the understanding that magick works by using the will to interact with the mechanics of the universe in order to manifest the desire of the practitioner. The mind of the practitioner is used in order to interact and change the behavior of subatomic particles and energy fields within space and time. Through interacting with the fundamental quantum mechanics one will make changes on the very basic level of being which will in turn react with the greater whole of existence in order to manifest one’s desires and will.

Eclectic Theory

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This is the theory that magick works through a combination of different theories or all of these theories and by working together, they can alter reality.

And this is the one I like the most, I really believe in several things and I hope you too don't be stuck in only one point of view. You may also believe in something else, the important thing here is to do what feels right and resonates with you heart and soul.

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