Today I sit down with @camillamnk from Denmark! I came across her "morning routine abroad " article when I started applying for Internships and it motivated me and inspired me to work hard to find an internship as well because her internship experience sounded so fun!
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Camilla got an internship abroad as a wedding planner in Toronto, so if you're thinking about getting an internship abroad too but don't know how, keep on scrolling and learn how she landed this amazing opportunity!

1. Hey, Camilla! I’m so excited to sit down and chat with you! Please introduce yourself to my Girlboss readers!

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Heey! Thank you so much for having me.

My name is Camilla, I’m 22 years old and from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I’m studying Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management, currently studying for my final exam. So, only three more weeks to go. Yay!!

I’m passionate about planning and organizing, but also has a sweet spot for our four pawed, furry friends.

2. What inspired you to get an internship abroad?

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For years, I have had the dream of going abroad. When I was 16 and graduated the Danish version of Junior High/High school, I wanted to become an exchange student in America, but I felt like I was too young and didn’t have the courage to move across the globe for a year. But when the opportunity arose to take an internship abroad in correlation with my education, I packed my suitcases as fast as I could and took off. I was finally ready to leave the nest and go on a life changing adventure.

3. You interned at a Wedding Planner in Toronto, Could you tell us how you successfully landed this internship?

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Well, to be honest, it came quite easy to me. All I did was look up ‘Event Planners Toronto’ on Google and they popped up as Top 3. I checked out their website and felt bummed out when I didn’t see any internship offer. But it didn’t stop me from emailing them with my resume and a little introduction of me, asking if they offered any internships. Luckily for me, they got back to me with an offer and we had a Skype meeting, in which they offered me on the spot.

So, don’t feel pushed out of course just because their website doesn’t say anything about internships. Take the matter in your hands and contact them. As you can read, you can become quite lucky.

I was happy that everything came easily to me, but I felt so bad for my classmates who spent months finding an internship, even just in Denmark.

4. What are your tips for those who want to get an internship abroad?

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● Make sure you are ready and want to move away for a while.
○ It will help you adapt way faster and actually motivate you to find something abroad.

● It is completely okay if you have one location in mind.
○ You shouldn’t only go for a company. You should go for a place where you’ll feel comfortable going out, too.

● Use Google.
○ But make sure to read about the company before thinking ‘this is it!’.

● Don’t believe that the first offer is the best.
○ I had a few that I didn’t feel confident with.

● If possible, go for a company where there are others in your age group - the same goes for finding a place to live.
○ Where I was, there was the planner and her assistant. It became quite lonely sometimes, but I managed and became great friends with her assistant.

● Don’t go with a friend.
○ This is your experience. Live it the way you want to.

5. What did you do as a wedding planner intern?

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Oh, I loved it! I had never experienced a wedding before, so everything was new and exciting and beyond amazing. I did a lot of different tasks. Primarily, writing out day-of itineraries and setting up/tearing down, as well as assisting the planner on the day.

6. What did you like the most about your internship?

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Hmm, that is a tough question! I loved everything about it, because I’m a big organizer at heart, so every little detail excited me. But, if to say something, it would be executing the wedding. From sending the bride down the aisle to see the first dance. Truly memorable.

7. What do you love the most about the Tourist Industry?

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The cultural diversity. I haven’t traveled for culture in my teen years, but now that I am old enough to travel by myself, I plan my trips around the cultural aspect and how I can get to know a country and its population. It makes me incredibly happy that people are mesmerized by the different cultures around the world.

8. What were some things/skills you learned at your internship that still help you today?

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The layout of the itineraries is helping me plan even just my day, though I’m not the best at keeping it up. Also, how to run your own business. She has had the business for around 10 years, so I got some inspo for maybe starting my own business in a few years. The fact that it was far away from home, I was responsible for myself, and it was in another language, I have gained so many personal skills that I am eternally grateful for.

If you have the opportunity of going abroad, DO IT!

9. The first day at an internship can be quite nerve-wracking, were you nervous? If so, how did you overcome your nervousness?

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Oh, I was so nervous! I always get nervous whenever I’m starting something new or before an exam. I’m so bad at calming myself down, but I knew that I wouldn’t be doing much that day, so everything went smoothly. I was told that it would be a chill day.

But, I usually just take a few, very deep breaths and try my best to focus on breathing and nothing else. I can practically feel my heartbeat slow down. But, being nervous just means you care. Try to turn it into something positive. Think about the positive sides of starting something new. Forget the negatives, focus on how you have been waiting for this, how excited you are, and don’t forget the fact that it is an internship. You are there to learn, and the employer knows that.

10. What tips would you give to standout during an internship?*

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Oh wow, haha. Uhm, let me think. Do it in your way. By being yourself and doing your tasks the way you would do them, you stand out. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Do it the way you are comfortable with. If you are comfortable and content, you exceed confidence and that’s what makes you stand out.

11. What are your tips for college students who want to get an internship in the Tourist industry?

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Find a company or a country where the industry is active at the time of your internship. It’s no fun if you are to spend three months with a company and they have nothing to give you.

I was in Toronto from late July to late October. Booming months for weddings and we had a ton to do every day and almost every weekend.

12. You have a passion for planning and organising, what tips would you give my readers about how to stay organised in college while balancing an internship?*

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Honestly, I’m not the person to ask, haha. I love planning and organizing, but I am so bad at it in my personal/student day-to-day life. But an advice to myself is to keep a calendar of deadlines, to-do’s, homework, etc. Colour code them to make it easier, and use colours you like! You can have it in paper or on your phone. Just make sure you have it on you at all times, so you have easy access.

13. I love your morning routine article, it inspired me to work hard and stay organised! What tips would you give to my readers to have a productive internship/ work morning routine?*

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Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

The first thing I would say is make your bed first thing in the morning! It took me some time, but it is finally a habit of mine. You get such a great, non-stress morning now that the focus point in your room (for most) is made and neat. You mentally adjust. Also, open your curtains while you’re at it. Natural light clears your head and you get a sense of the day.

Sadly, I am not able to get my favourite skin products to Denmark unless I want to pay half of the amount in delivery. So, I have settled for a lovely brand I can buy in Danish stores. By using a skin product brand you really like or if it smells good or leaves your skin softer than a baby, your morning just gets that much more amazing. For me, at least. And remember, a morning routine does not have to take an hour. Mine takes 10 minutes.

A thing that really helps me is planning my outfit the night before. I’m not getting it ready, I’m just thinking about what to wear. By that, you’ll save time to go pick an outfit. Of course, I do have mornings where the outfit planned does not work, but then you’ll find something else.

Something I really want to try out is preparing my breakfast. Like, I love fruit in the morning but never eat it, because I simply do not have time to cut it. Therefore, I want to try and cut it the night before, so it is easy to grab and eat in the morning. I think this would be a great help if you are running late or don’t have time for anything but eating.

14. You study Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management in Denmark, what are your career plans after you graduate?

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Well, little Mr. Global Pandemic has put a stopper on my plans of applying for jobs. I am lucky to have a job, which hosts events, etc. and they are keen to keep me for as long as possible. But, I want to move on, so I’m gonna work there as much as I can to save up money and then I’ll apply for jobs simultaneously, now that the businesses are slowly opening again. But going abroad is not my last time! My next dream is to study in Australia. So, let’s see how that’s going to turn out.

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Camilla Maria
Camilla Maria